Rugby Player Reacts to NHL Hockey Refs Getting Hit!

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  1. Ice is hard, it ain't like hitting the ground on a field, it is solid and will leave you in a lot of pain if you take a fall without padding. Will leave you with some serious bruises and can even cut your hands and exposed skin. Don't underestimate these collisions.

  2. Yeah, my family is huge into hockey and my two cousins play in the AHL, you realize real fast that hockey isn't just a couple dudes flicking pucks with sticks, that shits a balance act, figuratively and literally, dudes start boxing matches on skates…on ice, and stand for most of it while throwing hard ass punches. Then you see those pucks moving damn fast and pegging dudes and stuff, then you stop and remember, they're doing all the shit they do on hard ass ice lol and usually laugh it off after, or get pissed and fight.

  3. I used to purposely go after Refs after a bad call, but it was usually just a zone clearing shot and they are pretty used to it. I've only once purposely body checked a ref, he was a moron and deserved it. Funny thing is I got away with it because I was carrying the puck and it looked like I was trying to avoid the opposing player coming in on me…but to be honest I didn't see him!!

    It's about 3/4" ice on a slab of Concrete…hurts if you get knocked on your ass or fall/trip backwards and smack your head. Although, helmets today have improved quite a bit…if it stays on.

  4. Getting hit by a puck is no joke. My husband plays and he has come home with some seriously rad bruises. It's like getting hit with a REALLY big rubber bullet. Especially if it's absolutely blasted at the net.

  5. honestly having played for years and getting hit in every spot(and yes I do mean every single spot…) I'd say side of the knee of back of the leg is the worst. At least when I took one to the head I could still skate.

  6. Jacob, I like your choice of hockey videos. With regard to this one, I have to say that NHL officials (referees are the ones with two red armbands, linesmen wear a plain zebra uniform) are VERY good at getting out of the way of errant pucks…and sticks, and skates. However, excrement does occur, and you've put together a great video on this. Thankfully no NHL officials have been maimed too badly while doing their jobs. NHL players, on the other hand…

  7. BTW, here is the hardest hit ever thrown by an NHL player: Larry Robinson of the Montreal Canadiens against Garry Dornhoffer of the Philadelphia Flyers:

    Sadly, the video is only 7 seconds long. There are longer and videos out there somewhere.

    Anyway, the hit was so hard that the game was delayed while carpenters were called to put the boards back together. Oddly, Dornhoffer survived.

  8. Love these vids and landing on ice is worse than concrete…they also freeze the pucks which makes them a little heavier and basically frictionless….pucks have been clocked at over 100mph, they have broken eye sockets, cheek bones, jaws, teeth, noses, they have collapsed vocal chords, broken hands, wrists, arms, elbows, knees…they can break pretty much anything…even a skull, thats why they started requiring helmets in the NHL, imagine playing this game with no helmet…yea

  9. Along with shooting a puck so fast, they are kept frozen, so the refs are getting hit with inflexible frozen rubber pucks at high speed. teeth go missing every day in hockey

  10. I took a puck to the mouth. It was rolling end over end. Hit me hard enough to get me worried. Luckily no teeth were knocked out. The second time I laid in front of the puck that was being shot from the blue line. It knocked out my two back teeth.

  11. If you want to do reactions Wayne Gretsky is the best bar none of all time. Connor mcdavid/ Crosby are the best right now. Scott stevens would have the best hitting highlight reel

  12. My brother has had multiple concussions, one of which completely knocked him out, to this day he still has problems from a tailbone injury but he still plays hockey. I wish I'd played but I'm too old to get in to hockey now, I wouldn't be able to play at the level for my age.

  13. Hockey refs have it harder than most officials in the sports industry, not only is falling on ice a hell of a lot worse than a field, pitch, or even wood, but they have minimal to no padding as well. They're a brave bunch doing work for all fans.

  14. seen a lot of people recommend doing a video on the Clint Malarchuk incident. Don't do it, it might be the worst injury in all of sports and is just incredibly disturbing. Clint attempted suicide from suffering PTSD due to it.

  15. You think those are bad, a ref last week got hit in the pills straight off a dump in and it went straight into the net lol. He stayed in the game and the goal was disallowed. It was wild

  16. Ice is harder….. because concrete takes all the energy from the fall and spreading around the ground. Ice, all the energy of the hit goes right back to we're you hit it. So nice hurts more to hit

  17. and remember.. those pucks are also frozen before placed into play!! So we're talking about a rubber puck that acts and feels more like solid steel, rather than just rubber..

  18. Never mind that pucks are hard rubber, they are also frozen for game play. I'll send you one if you want to really feel one. Freeze it, then do a video of guys getting hit by pucks.

  19. When you think about refs getting hit, its important to keep in mind that they are wearing NO PADS against these guys coming at them like trains without the ability to block. Refs are the true heroes of the game.

  20. Just some clarification: in the first clip, the player who hit the ref seemed to have done it on purpose because the ref missed a call that would have benefited him. The refs also wear close to no equipment, so being hit by someone wearing lots of equipment traveling at a high rate of speed would hurt, haha. Love the hockey videos, keep them up.

  21. A lot of those hits seem like not much, until you realize that the ice is hard as concrete, the refs wear way less padding. And bouncing your head off the glass is like bouncing it off the ground. The linesman that was hit by Calgary player was actually forced into retirement as a result of the injuries suffered.

  22. Love watching you guys who have never seen hockey discover it. But, "NHL Hardest Hits", "Biggest Fights", "Worst Injuries", etc, there's a lot more to hockey than this. It can be and usually is a beautiful game.


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