Rolls-Royce | Spirit of Innovation – the world’s fastest all-electric aircraft

We believe our all-electric Spirit of Innovation is the world’s fastest all-electric aircraft, setting three new world records.

Rolls-Royce pioneers cutting-edge technologies that deliver clean, safe and competitive solutions to meet our planet’s vital power needs.

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  1. I wish Rolls-Royce had more cars. Both the bmw and Rolls-Royce have perfect designs. I wish there were many styles like hardtop convertibles, hypercars, sports sedans, and cars with gear bars like Pagani.

  2. Quote: ‘electric is the future’
    …not without a better battery it is not.
    What he should have said is:
    Quote ‘I will say anything to get more sponsorship and funding’,
    ‘because I am a government grant whore….! ‘


  3. Really amazing accomplishment. World's fastest prop driven aeroplane. It's a pity we have to listen to overdramatic music though. I would have loved listening to the aircraft.

  4. I just want to congratulate Rolls Royce for investing in research and development which will help push forward greener alternatives for the travel industry. The majority of you seem to be utterly oblivious to the impact this project will have on the future of the global ‘green economy’ and efforts to reduce the appalling damage we are inflicting on this planet. It’s not about vanity or vroom-vroom or nice decals; this is technology being pushed to the limits for the sake of our entire world. It’s marvellous stuff and I wholeheartedly congratulate the entire RR team. Great work.

  5. G'day,

    Well, it LOOKS good, and it flies, and if appears to go fast…

    What a pity that this Eye-Candy Teaser of a Clip delivers ZERO actual FACTS, regarding Stall-Speed, Climb-Rate, Cruise-Speed, Maximum-Speed in level flight, and most of all RANGE, ENDURANCE, & RECHARGE-TIMES…, Price, Maintenance Costs, and Cost per Flying Hour.

    Absolutely Nothing which MATTERS has been addressed within this Video.

    If my experience with a TEBCO Discovery (250-watt eBike) is any indication…, the advertised Range of 30 to 80 Km becomes, in Real Life ; closer to 12 or 14 Km ; and thus to ride 20 Km to town and back involves setting out on the $2,200 Sitting-Down Running Machine while carrying 3 Spare Batteries (2.2 Kg each) like Lead in the Saddlebags – at an extra cost of $700 at per each for the spare Batteries…

    Because, Hills EXIST – in the real world ; and all the Marketing Jism assumes smooth flat concrete and zero Wind.

    Electric Transportation is, at this point a very nice, and quite alluring…, Mirage ; all shinyShinySHINY Toys – built by fixated enthusiasts, and intended for cashed-up Yuppies to play with, conspicuously…, in the (vain) hope that one day, perhaps, someone might maybe manage to manufacture something (else), which might be actually practical.

    However, there will NEVER Ever be an Electric Airliner, nor Cargo Transporter, because Flat Batteries weigh just(ifiably ?) as much as do fully-charged ones, and the Energy-Density of Batteries is hopelessly pathetic, when compared to a teacupful of Fossil-Juice.

    Within 8 years Humanity MUST reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 50%, and then cut that to Zero by 2050 ; so you-all should probably put this shiny expensive foolish little thing into a Museum of WIBNIfs (Wouldn't It Be Nice If…), and then get yourselves on with doing something practical – which might actually MATTER, in the long run….(?) !

    Just(ifiably ?) sayin',

    Such is life.

    Have a good one.

    Stay safe.


    Ciao !

  6. I've seen that basic shape before somewhere. Some chap called R.J Mitchell I believe. Leslie Howard played him in a black and white movie I once saw on on a nostalgia channel. Now if only I could remember the name of the aircraft. 😉

    Seriously though chaps, that is art in aeronautic form. Absolutely bloody beautiful. If you can say one thing & one thing only about the British aviation industry & that is we can always deliver gorgeous aircraft

  7. it was necessary to put a pushing screw, not a pulling one. The electric motor allows you to do this, and the push propeller is more efficient in many ways. I understand that the designers were not smart enough.

  8. Could've sound designed better. I'd have done it with a fade of Engine at the end and flair of it in between the video. Any ways awesome Rolls-Royce. Wish I could make videos for RR

  9. It's very cool. But what really matters about anything electric is not the speed but its endurance, especially when we're talking about air transport

  10. After a couple of decades with RR engine build, testbeds and aero service around the world. I'm thinking you will not need much in the way service. Just plug it in for charge and up up and away. If the battery fades just glide to nearest runway. Alles bedeckt

  11. The problem is that it is all marketing hyperbole and not engineering speak.
    So I was suspicious.
    This is not as claimed a RR feat but one of the ATI ACCELL program.
    A secondhand Nemesis kit was bought in France. Then modified to take an electric motors made by YASA an english electric motor manufacturer. Tis was then cobbled together with a battery pack assembled by ACCEL. Details here are vague, but perhaps some 450 Watts per KG.
    RR main contribution seems to have been squeezing some finance with influence out of the British Government.
    If RR are going to tout success here it would be nice to see them attirbuting it to the actual achievers.

  12. After reading the news article it claims to have already broken x3 World records including fastest climb by 60 seconds. However I came here to find out how long it can stay airborne? Congrats to Rolls Royce for paving the way with yet another masterpiece. I would love to see the entire outer skin made out of some kind of solar nano particles if they exist to charge it whilst it sours through the sky like a albatross.

  13. 345.4 mph over 3km in 2021 whereas in 1937 a BF109 set a speed record of 379.6 mph, to put it into context. Electric flight still has some way to go to match piston engine plane performance in speed, load carrying capacity or range.

  14. The airframe is a Nemesis NXT. I wonder how much faster it could be if it used an airframe which wasn't designed to house a piston engine. If the cowling behind the propeller was narrower it might make it more efficient.


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