Roblox Youtuber Sued for $1.6 Million

This is the greatest roblox move of All Time

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  1. for the LITERAL YEARS he has been harassing users and roblox corp. I don’t need to explain this you can literally go see it yourself.
    1.6mil is what he good damn deserves 💀

  2. Many of the allegations made against Ruben are false, the only ones i know to be true are him bypassing bans and him "Exposing and Harassing roblox moderation" (the Furry mod that followed furry nsfw accounts on his official twitter account that is also involved with kids)

    Some of the most serious allegations, known to be the "Bomb threat" and the "Terroist threat" on twitter are debunked due to the fact that it was confirmed that someone else that wrote these "threat" tweets and Ruben himself did not write these.

  3. You ain’t wrong about kids stealing money. My daughter man.. If she could figure out how to get to Best Buy to buy a gift card.. I would be boned.. But .. hey, she be in there making money by building houses and selling them to other people. She has been doing it for a few years now. Hopefully she will stick with it and become an architect. She is already taking programming classes.

  4. The one thing i find skeptical about is the allegations towards sexual/harassment towards the people on the roblox platform. Ruben Sim has made a full on documentary/complaint/voice of awareness for a known predator on roblox using underage fans to get sexual pleasure off of them via. Nudes or inappropriate voice recordings. And he was avid on saying that he is absolutely not tolerant about child predation. To even republishing the video a year ago to criticize roblox’s lack of moderation on this subject. The only form of “cybermobbing” from this video was literally asking roblox about what they are going to do after months/years of doing nothing. In short, I don’t think ruben would sexually harass kids on roblox.

    And on another note, I don’t believe Ruben maliciously attacks adults (Content creators or developers) for baseless and ridiculous claims. Ex. On his return to roblox voice chat, he stated how someone with internet influence on roblox was labled as a pedo by him and backing it up with how he called everyone on his discord to get drunk and stoned to celebrate his constant state of banned, even if the back up was satirical.

    Overall I find the claim of disturbing and harassment of the people of roblox for no justified reasons to be somewhat hard to believe. But hey this is all court, I’m not the jury, just someone voicing their thoughts. Thanks for reading

  5. WARNING, RUEBIN SIM NEVER DID THOSE THINGS, about most things Roblox is saying about him isn't true, and the reason they have been harassing Ruebin is because he just accused one mod for being a furry just about 3 YEARS ago

  6. Charlie you should look into this and you’ll find out that Ruben Is Innocent, I have been following him for a while now and almost all of the accusations are false expect for the multiple account things, and I doubt he would upload a picture of adolf hitler and a nude photo of himself when he exposes former roblox mods for similar things and he also is against the Hong Kong and Taiwan so I would doubt he would post anything about hitler

  7. But the thing is that some People on Roblox do worse things. Roblox ignores everything except thigs that Can make Them money. Also botting is a Big thing on Roblox some pepole owns millions og bots an Roblox fors not care.

  8. About Roblox being petty about him- very believable honestly. Roblox has constantly been cracking down on his accounts and have banned him for things quickly others have done. Example was when Roblox voice chat was in beta and swearing was allowed, so many creators were swearing and having fun w it (including Ruben) but many people were quick to report and ban Ruben specifically. They REALLY hate him

  9. I would recommend watching Atrioc's videos about the Roblox corporation. They're actually a terrible company that abuses their player base, which primary consists of children, and I would say is on level with Activision Blizzard, EA, and Nintendo.

  10. I remmeber playing his game and watching his video where he called out some Roblox employees for doing gross furry stuff, I actually respected him. But god damn. I should be more careful with who I "respect". And this is REAL, Roblox wouldn't just randomly sue someone for 1.6 million because some of their employees have been offended by him. This is real shit

  11. He didn't call it, they admit to it being his "cybermob". Basically, Roblox wants someone to punish and they have an opportunity of going after the Youtuber that's been criticizing them for years, so instead of going for the one responsible for the call, they go after the lol "cybermob" boss.

  12. Sueing him for that much money?
    And for things that are at best circumventing incompetant protections withing the game itsself?
    What are we here?
    Just permaban the pos snd improve your security.

  13. Roblox trying to be a hero among the kids while them not realising how truly shit the platform actually is, is pretty sad. There is hands down only 1 outcome of this Lawsuit and that's Roblox will slam him down whether we like it or not. Its such a shame really, but I'm hoping Ruben has a chance against Roblox Corp for once.

    Them suing for $50k in damages is like attempting to justify a murder with the stupidest reason possible.

  14. Ruben is a guy that calls out roblox's unfair policies and actions, and has also exposed a staff member for grooming children.
    i've follow him for a few years now and most of these allegations are false, especially the extreme ones
    the reason he's banned is because he called out a staff member that had furry porn on his twitter and still directly interacted with roblox through that same account, not caring about children.
    that guy has hunted every single one of ruben's moves since, and i wouldn't be suprised if he's the one that came up with the idea of sueing him

  15. Ruben actually barely did shit from what they accuse him of, he only bypassed the bans tbh, other than that nothing, I'm pretty sure the bomb threats weren't even started by him but by another Twitter user and he went along with it as a joke, roblox has been looking to sue him for a while now so they took this chance to do so, they also made a lot of shit up abt him so they fucked themselves over right there.

    Edit: meant terrorist threats not bomb threats, also, did you know 3 weeks before the lawsuit Ruben brought Chinese people who played laobu (a WAY stricter version of roblox wich has corny as shit games, basically the "we have roblox at home" type of shit, it was so shitty that the people he brought over to the American roblox didn't even know shit like phantom forces or any actually popular game, I don't think they even have adopt me (wich I think should also be a part of American roblox since adopt me breaks roblox with every update)
    He's legit just critiquing them with valid points trying to make them better their platform but they only react like this…

  16. I mean, i never heard of this guy till now, but I do know the roblox staff can be very petty and I wouldn't put it past them to just make up some bullshit if they thought they could get away with it.

  17. I remember when Quackity raided the forums, which is actually how I found his channel lmao
    Funny thing is, even after the 13 years requirement for posting on the forum, I was still able to post because I’ve just been playing the game for that damn long 🥲

  18. The entire beef between Ruben Sim and Roblox happened when Ruben made a tweet showing that one of the main Roblox Developers was following an NSFW furry porn account on their official roblox Twitter account. When he pointed this out, his account was immediately banned from Roblox for the 'allegations' despite making none and simply pointing this out. It was an IP ban so his gf also got banned unfairly and any attempts to fight that were completely ignored.

    Ruben has been a thorn in Roblox's side for years now but the allegations placed against him in the lawsuit are incredibly overexaggerated. The porn game allegations came about when he made a video trying to bring attention just how many porn and nudity games were on Roblox, many of them existing for over 3+ years without being banned on this child-oriented platform. Obviously, this isn't acceptable and so he tried to test how rigorous the Roblox system was at preventing the uploading of unsafe content, and as expected, the safe-proofing was dogshit. The attempt at uploading a porn game was a copy/paste of one of the existing porn games that had existed for years, and the near-nude image was a test of the site's ability to detect indecent images without the clear, full nudity. They say it was 'attempted', but both the image and the game did pass Roblox's authentication and remained up for weeks before even being noticed by Roblox's dogshit moderation.

    The lawsuit tries to paint him as this MaximilianMus-like character that just harassed kids and threatened awful shit, but half of the stuff presented in the lawsuit just…isn't true…and the other half that have some merit are accusations taken incredibly out of context. Anyone whose been a long time follower of Ruben knows from his content alone that the allegations just simply aren't true. Roblox just wants to silence him after exposing so many problems that the company has.

  19. one reason many other possibly Rubien was band due to him poting some modaraters and how their weren't really good which is agreeable because there is infact many and i mean many things on roblox that are very inapropeit then there some rando who gets banded for 7 days for one little thing it even happened to my brother were there was roblox player in the server he was in and the player kept saying many things that are really just bad and so my brother said the other person to stop and insulted them a little and wouldn't stop following them and my brother is banded for 7 days the other guy gets off scott free

  20. Update: He jokingly made a response to someone who made an ACTUAL threat of terrorism and ROBLOX is now taking advantage of this to get rid of him for good, which is where we are now and according to research he isn't guilty until proven, which probably won't happen as there is not enough evidence

  21. Roblox is literally trying to find ANY reason to just ban him.
    Roblox hates him, and this lawsuit is basically “pity drama”.

    Almost all of these claims are just some straight up bullshite.

  22. I know someone that tried to use his own dickpic (he was like 15 or 16 at the time) to make a wearable shirt in the game and he was permabanned immediately after they opened the application

  23. For the near nude photo thing.

    He was shirtless. That's it. And the sex game? Literally it was a different user who said he was Ruben.

    And yet there is so many people who are pedophiles and poor moderation doesn't do anything about it, there are literal discord servers that make bypassed audios and decals/pictures that show nude and sometimes gory content. They do nothing about it, the moderation doesn't read the reports that people send, and when they do they half ass the fuckin bans.

    Oh you uploaded a girl getting fucked on roblox? Here's a 3 day ban.

    I'm not justifying the threat but I'm just saying that Ruben was not all in the wrong, roblox said a lot of shit that was wrong and completely false which false information is illegal as well.

    And also, he didn't send a terrorist threat, it was his followers, and if anyone of his followers take a joke seriously that isn't his fault.

  24. Roblox is full of bullshit honestly. The accusations are all false and Roblox just takes Ruben's content waaaaay too seriously. Like it's the internet, people do a shit ton of tomfoolery and trolling.


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