Rob Dougan – The 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Sessions Film HD

Rob Dougan – The 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Sessions – 5 track HD Film (22 minutes running time)


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The 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Sessions, recorded on the 31st of August, 2014 at Air Lyndhurst Studios with at 75-piece orchestral and 40-piece choir conducted by James Shearman. Choir: London Voices

Rob Dougan – perhaps best know for his album Furious Angels – and the single Clubbed to Death featured in The Matrix – records new material for the first time in many years.

Film byMarc Swadel + Rob Dougan
Recorded at AIR Lydhurst 2014
Edited by Marc Swadel
Cinematography by James Cronin
Additional Camera: Matt Hill and Charlie Fox
c/o Platform 80 Richard Reed
Written and Produced by Rob Dougan
Orchestrated and conducted by James Shearman

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  1. rob im a huge fan and I'm in love with The Return, anyway I can listen to it full version? I haven't found anywhere to purchase it single, I'm not in funds to buy the film


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