Rio Ferdinand: Being Mum and Dad wins Best Single Documentary – British Academy Television Awards

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Rio Ferdinand: Being Mum and Dad wins the BAFTA for Best Single Documentary at The British Academy Television Awards

The British Academy Television Awards | 2018 | BBC

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  1. He because of this programme has gained respect from all and especially this Arsenal fan. Rio mate you have done something that has gone beyond football.

  2. He's famous and rich. He could get many beautiful sexy girls he wants but he doesn't do that. He's really one of a kind. Great respect for him, Mr Rio Ferdinand. You really deserve the award. Wishing you and your kids the best

  3. People have such a short memory. I'm glad he brought awareness and helped others. I believe that's a minimum requirement for people in privileged positions. But, let's not hold him up as some kind of Saint. He cheated on his wife on numerous occasions and right up until her diagnosis! He's doing the right thing now and that's good. But there are plenty of hard working men and women who do that every day. Without the profile, without the fanfare and without the hypocrisy!!

  4. What a relief that he managed to find a "beautiful girlfriend" after his wife died. How unbelievably shallow and disrespectful to his wife to say that during this speech. "Yeah my wife died but I have true happiness now as I've found a hot new girlfriend." You're acting like he is a saint for doing the expected. Did you all expect him to put the children in a care home? His hot new girlfriend has admitted to taking most of the responsibility for looking after the kids anyway. So I guess she's the one being Mum and dad not this moron. Any decent human being would do the same without a partner/after losing a partner, which would be to continue taking care of your own children; although Rio has barely managed to do that.

  5. what a total star, so incredibly humble and honest…much respect he deserves for officially sharing his story, emotions and opening his heart

  6. Didnโ€™t mention your late wife Rio? And spoke about your new, beautiful girlfriend??
    Class is permanent.
    Respected him a lot seeing what he went through but lost respect now

  7. This is an affront to justice. He was a serial cheater on his former wife. He unsuccessfully tried to gag the Mirror to prevent the truth from coming out. No paragon of virtue.

  8. What a great guy , great footballer , brilliant pundit , and an even better human ! Glad to see your happy ! Kate deserve credit too , as she there in your corner all the way , your can see Rio choking up here , but still pulls a brilliant speech out the bag ! I wish you well my friend

  9. Well deserved unbelievable and very touching to watch he showed the incredible man he is he showed his true side even rival football fans should completely respect this man 100%

  10. Gardens of the next life of course!….the word Muslim means those who submit to our Lord's will….all our CHILDREN are such….ie upon the natural disposition of belief in One God Allah….

    You used to goto school on the buses…you can start there..just a suggestion….faith and conviction is needed and your invited to read the final testament and what the beloved MUHAMMED peace be upon him taught us about how to live our lives, and as the video is about parents, the prophets teachings are the ultimate guideline for success and guidance and all that is good.


  11. One of the great CBโ€™s to play game. He played to the very highest level in his career, during a time where his wife was very poorly. The man is truly an inspiration and a legend.

  12. He cheated on his wife that all I can read in comments.. but truly I don't belive in a world of nonogamy.. but since we have been used for such of long years… everybody is like he teached on his wife. They all do it.. rich or poor.. and no I'm not Muslim… perhaps that's one of the reason why so many females are single. Even though I find polygamy wrong.. ๐Ÿ˜

  13. every sentiment he expressed is very agreeable and I applaud him for that but seriously, he doesn't mention his wife once? it's the memory of her who inspired the documentary, which won him the bafta, and he chooses to stay silent and not pay his respects/whatever? Hmmm.

  14. Don't shoot
    Hands up movement
    And erm and erm and erm
    Ok rio just look at the replacement
    Were does she fit in, rio try a bit of black bruv, you know wot they say.
    When you had the black
    Your always going back
    Trust me rio
    Yours truly Danny Murphy

  15. Being mum and dad? There are many single parents out there that do this. Plus they aren't necessarily adulterers like Rio the cad. The man's a publicity seeking bore. Morals of a flea bitten dog.

  16. No experience of him as a footballer. His sporting status means nothing to me. The documentary however was touching and painfully honest. I have the upmost respect for him as a human being that has suffered loss
    Ultimately, no matter how financially rich we are, no matter how talented, it doesnโ€™t guarantee us happiness and life is still so precious. He has fought his way out of the depths. Good luck Rio. You deserve it.

  17. I have mixed feelings about this. When Rebecca died it seemed like Rio didnt really care but then he made this documentary which showed quite the opposite to be true. It was an insightful programme which illustrated his more sensitive side. One part of me thinks well done mate, happy you've found happiness/love again after losing your wife (& mum), life is short, you only live once and all that. Then, well the other side of me thinks…the timing was all too convenient…he was getting alot of bad press about his lack of emotion when his wife died, he then releases this documentary to paint himself in a better light, everyone feels sorry for him and it made it easier for him to then go public with Kate Wright from TOWIE just 18months ( approx) after losing Rebecca? Which makes the whole thing seem a bit contrived and fake. It felt like he moved on too quickly.

    As long as the children are happy I guess…live and let live?

  18. No matter what your job or profession is when you listen to this true human being it restores faith in humanity and hope when we are in the darkness that comes to us all.. God bless him.

  19. i don't understand why people get surprised when a celebrity speaks very openly and is honestly about their mental struggles, Rio had to grieve, what could he possibly lie about? Similar thing with Dave Baustista, since leaving WWE he's spoken very openly about his shyness and social anxiety, i dare someone to make fun of his insecurities to his face and receive and batista bomb or spear, anyway congrats on the award Rio

  20. A Man United forever fan , Mr Ferdinand , you truly are a great English professional football player , personality , husband and parent . Your loss can never be compensated , it can't , your loss made u so much sad and heartbroken mate ……May The Lord always keeps you and your lovely kids safe and sound , Amen .


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