“Riding the Booster” Never Sounded Better

From launch to landing, a space shuttle’s solid rocket booster journey is captured, with sound mixed and enhanced by Skywalker Sound.

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  1. If you guys wanna live then make your own space ship an go coz in our solar system their is nothing to live nither titan an venus I have seen somethin where there is a possibility of life

  2. So we have a speed gauge in the top right hand corner in yellow thats reading in miles per hour. So obviously it is on 0 at launch and gets up to over 2000mph and does not return to 0 until it hits the water. Surley the boosters have to lose all its momentum before it can start falling back to earth so it would have to get to 0mph start falling then pick up momentum but the gauge does not drop below somewhere around 2400, 2500mph. Am i dumb what am i missing?

  3. At the end, you can see the other Booster in the distance and then a smaller single Parachute comes down next to the other booster. It that the top cover off the Booster that protects the Parachute?

  4. Awesome! I always thought the transition from the vacuum of space to the upper atmosphere was very gradual. It almost seems the boosters 'hit' the atmosphere very suddenly and slow down all of a sudden

  5. This is good video to landing but to slplashdown working to back to port.
    If remember to works with landing booster to back at landing land and big boats than working with SpaceX or Bluebird works to landing back to recovery at soil no need boats recoveries

  6. This is amazing. Also I'd love to know more about Skywalker Sound. Really hope NASA keeps building their own launch vehicles and rockets and we don't just end up with SpaceX but that's how it's looking.

  7. ""ขี่บูสเตอร์" ไม่เคยฟังดูดีกว่า ท่อ ขับดันจรวด ส่งกระสวยอวกาศ ทำหน้าที่เสร็จ แล้วตก มายังทะเล บนโลก ภาพ บันทึก โดย กล้องที่ติด กับจรวด

  8. Merci du partage! Il y a plein de chose intéressantes dans ces images pour ceux qui cherchent un peu. Stéph.
    Thanks for sharing! There is a lot of interesting stuff in these images for those who are looking for a bit. Steph.

  9. Amazing stuff, when they detach, they've ascended through well over 90 percent of the earth's atmosphere (by mass) and carried the shuttle through maximum dynamic pressure, but were the true definition of controlled chaos


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