Reunion, Pt. 2

Gizelle becomes emotional while discussing her friendship and history with Karen. The ladies continue to take Candiace to task for her habitual line-stepping throughout the season, and Mia is questioned about her erratic social media behavior. Wendy gets fired up about the Eddie rumors, but winds up finding herself in the hot seat.

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  1. I think something candiace forgets is the fact that colorism goes both ways and assuming someone has been privileged just because they're a few shades lighter (whilst still being black) is colorism in another form. None of the women up there have had easy lives because of their color if you pay attention to each woman's story. I agree more so with ashley.

  2. If Gizelle never believed the rumor then why bring it to the show? She was not coming from a place of concern she was being messy

  3. The way Ashley just took some of the things said and actually internalized it and listened shows her growth… she wasn’t gonna go back and forth ! She accepted it , listened and just waited it out and even APOLOGIZED!

  4. Big sisters please. Hypocrites!! They should have come for Candiace last yr when she was popping her mouth off, up in Monique's face, pulled her her, had hand in her face, etc. When Monique went to protect herself Gizelle should have been oh well then. You get what you get.

  5. Candiace pay attention, Gizelle and Karen talk about each other but they have history probably know each other deep secrets. So their taunting isn't bad and they don't won't to fight.

  6. Candiace needs to stop all that frowning. Don't worry about what Michael wants to do he has money to do it. Candiace is insecure not having the amount of money the other ladies my have.

  7. That is reality. Men wait for the woman to get back in shape how she was when they met. It may not be fair but it is reality men are physical being.

  8. Candiace please. When has anyone seen Candiace's hair, she always has on wigs. She can also do something about dry hair it's called oil your scalp, grease, hair moisturizer!!!!

  9. There is not colorism in the group. Candiace did not start all that until Wendy started talking about it.

    Also, they all just said she needs to tone it back some, so don't get mad because Ashley told the truth that she has seen you Crunk that you have cursed her out and waved a butter knife at her while threatening her. It's the truth it's fact. The courts could see you on TV.

  10. Candiace is not dark skin. She passes the paper brown bag test. She is silly and childish they are adults they could be friends with whom they want to and have their belief of the incident.

  11. See they judged Mia saying her first season was talking about her money but Wendy's first season was taking about how smart and degreed she is, basically belittling everyone's intelligence.

  12. lol what is Karen talking about? They don't cut down to the bone….Gizelle was making fun of Ray's tax issues and Karen said Gizelle was a broken whore from Hampton university with a fiery box…

  13. Candiace is getting them together. They are all Hypocritical they are disrespectful to each other and Gizelle is the worse. Candiece does need to not invade personal space nor throw items at anyone that is true.

  14. Askale should’ve stayed home and saved her ink lol
    So, what if Mia was bragging..last season Wendy kept bragging about how smart she was with all these degrees lol
    Candice saying “this isn’t how you fix things” to Mia had me punching the wall 😂 giving advice she can’t take lol.
    Wendy has to start checking her own friend and her actions because Candice is a child.

  15. 7 Wick Candle lol (Wendy many don't used microwaves or candles flaming around the house) Sorry Karen, Mia and Wendy – NO CANDLES OVER HERE!

  16. I am so irritated by Candiace and Wendy. PLEASE FIRE THEM…. They are diminishing the show. The venomous, aggressive, vulgar words and communication they use is egregious and abusive… They think they are representing black women, but in all actuality they are perpetuating the stigma of the Angry Black Woman…. May I add, I am a dark skin black woman who has every right to speak on this…. I am highly ashamed and disgusted by their behavior, actions and total disregard for ethics and a moral compass… They both lack class and decorum…. If they stay on next season, I may have to reevaluate if I watch again. @Bravotv they are bad for your show….. Period 🌟

  17. I love Candiace lol people wanna control her responses thats crazy…. They come for her and don’t expect her to come back the way she does. If you can’t take it don’t dish it period!

  18. I can’t stand Candace, if you have dry hair you have dry hair it has nothing to do with you being darker skinned. You need to use better products. With your 90’s bob.

  19. Where is Juan ? WHEN are Robin and Juan getting married again? That story line is getting old and dragged out. We hear about it every season. We want to see them reunite and see their success moving forward and Robin have another child to add to their beautiful family. Enough dragging it out. Ashley has made progress, others moving forward, they need to get it moving!

  20. I wish Wendy would shut the hell up, this woman over talks everybody. You're not on TV to debate every little thing. I'm surprised your husband don't tell you to shut up or be quiet. Sick of listening to your mouth and telling Mia to shut up, girl you need to shut up.

  21. Candice is called actually a Slave, Candice also body shames all women. I think these women are done with her mouth. I stand by what Karen said to Ashley, they will start turning her out. I mean all the way out. Fired


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