Return To The Demonic Sallie House

In the series finale of BuzzFeed Unsolved: Supernatural, Ryan and Shane return to the place where their journey started to face the demon called Sallie once and for all.

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Jillian DiBlasio

Shane Madej

Ryan Bergara

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Comment (17,562)

  1. This show was fantastic, it got me through some BAD days. I will be rewatching over and over and over again. I'll miss it like hell but I'm sure you'll make things just as great as this show I can can hardly wait for that!
    Thank you and we love you ❤

  2. My boys.😭 this feels like a breakup. It sounds silly but thank you for helping me get through some tough times in my life and making me laugh and bringing joy. Absolutely love you two and will always support what you do. Hugs from Australia.

  3. I feel like Ryan and Shane would have had a better chance interacting with a ghost or demon if they had spoken slower and been more respectful lmaooo. These aren’t omnipotent creatures. Some of them are lost and from 100 years ago, possibly can’t understand your dialects, or insert reason here.

  4. my favorite part of unsolved was how shane doesn't believe in ghosts but he actually managed to make a career and earn money out of talking to the air, like absolute king behavior!!!

  5. All good things must come to an end! And unfortunately that runs true with this, absolutely loved each and every episode and have watched them all multiple times. I was 15 when I started watching and I’m 21 now. Wishing you both all the best in your future endeavours, you have all of us supporting you!

  6. wait wait… so like is The Watcher their own independent yt channel now? like they left BuzzFeed already? and just finishing this contract with ending BuzzFeed unsolved the shane and Bryan series??

  7. Currently crying RN. Please, this show is amazing and has helped me through rough patches. Forever thankful for the laughs this show has given me, and the goofballs that takes on the challenge

  8. Why the end? Your videos are informative, fun, interesting, and your topics are some that many people believe in and many others don't. The banter of you and your co-host is hilarious, but even with the jokes you can still get a sense of your fear. Nothing is as unnerving as a haunted place whether it be a residence, a store, or even more spooky, a hospital, or prison. No matter where the "presence" is it still makes your hair stand on end, your heart races, and you always feel like your being watched.
    I do believe there are spirits that roam. Some of them are evil and some may be demonic. I get why you limit your "adventures" to only one. I really wish you'd reconsider and stay on another season. Your shows are very unique and bring a interesting experience to people.
    Thank you for all your hard work and thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Take care of yourselves and enjoy your time off. God Bless and be safe!

  9. Anyone noticed that when they were in the nursery, the bear on the stool was turned around??? 😳 after they used the flash light then went to the mobile over the crib

    ***I've been through paranormal experiences that involved me having an imaginary friend . I gave them the name Emily. I don't talk about her or it because it hates that name til this day I do not know their name.the demon I mean….

  10. I had known about Buzzfeed Unsolved from tumblr and other social media before but I didn’t watch any videos until the week after lockdown started in March 2020. I binged all their videos and other related content and Ryan and Shane’s adventures, stories, and banter became such a huge important comfort to me in the darkest days of the pandemic. They made me laugh and smile when the world seemed like it was ending, and the legends they covered and the rapport they shared have contributed to my own creative endeavors (I had been suffering major writer’s block pre-pandemic but some of the BFU videos and stories have inspired stories of my own ✨). Also to an enduring, post-pandemic interest in all things paranormal and true crime. So thank you Ghoul Boys and to the BFU crew for your hard work, dedication, creativity, research, and all the laughs and comfort and distraction and good spooky times along the way. I’m so sad that it’s over but I’m looking forward to what Ryan and Shane and the crew will do next with Watcher and beyond. Also, Shane, I love you and I miss the Hot Daga but I’m a #boogara. Stay spooky 👻 🔪

  11. Wow, I never expected to cry for a ghost hunter show, but here we are.
    Thank you, you’ve helped me fight my fear of ghosts, you’ve helped me pass through COVID, you are incredibly awesome. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  12. Thank you guys for all your work, this series was so good and unique. You truly are the best investigators there are. May your future endeavors be as successful and fun as this. I surly will be watching 🙂

  13. Ryan being joyous, exhuberant

    Ryan: Yeah let’s get the f*** out of here!

    Shane: Well now we have to do our solo investigations.

    Ryan deflates like a popped balloon

  14. Sallie seemed very friendly! Denied actually wanting to hurt them, didn't respond when Shane said "if you want us to leave, turn the light off", she even said they were the greatest ghost hunters! Yeah she did say Ryan looked like a tasty little snack, but maybe she was getting a little flirty, who knows? The boys were so sure Sallie had ill intent and wanted to hurt them, but she was having fun!

  15. More often than not,(because I'm sure Sallie is not there to be every investigators parlor trick) the OTHERS will answer. For instance the flash light deal, they won't or can't answer immediately. Not sure why. Maybe the have to gather energy to do it or whatever spirits do. So there's possibly slight delay to answers. So they may be getting worked up over the wrong answers with the flash light. I'm not a (researcher). Just an observer sharing an opinion

  16. Sallie seemed very friendly! Denied actually wanting to hurt them, didn't respond when Shane said "if you want us to leave, turn the light off", she even said they were the greatest ghost hunters! Yeah she did say Ryan looked like a tasty little snack, but maybe she was getting a little flirty, who knows? The boys were so sure Sallie had ill intent and wanted to hurt them, but she was having fun!

  17. For #postmortem : @12:37 , the voice which says 'more whiskey' sounds like they were lisping. Perhaps you could look into the history of people who stayed there, who had that manner of speaking? It's a shot at the dark, I know.

  18. I never would've wanted it to end but goodbye is inevitable to everything.. and gawddam you two really did give us something to remember. You guys will remain as the "goat's man bridge" owner forever. Epic journey. Wishing you two the greatest 👏👏👏💪💪

  19. I feel like my room is haunted by a demon, when my dad transformed it from a loft into a bed room me and my sister took funny pictures and when I took one specific picture my phone was stuck on that one picture of me looking like I was suffocating. Also my phone had random pictures of me while I was sleeping, it wasn't normal.

  20. Loved the series, looking forward to all future content. Are Ghosts Real? Who knows but you know what is real, the experiences and energy places, things, and people leave on each other. Best of luck on any future endeavors! Was truly some of the best ghost hunting ever.


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