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See how two missionaries helped change life on Stinking Creek, a small Appalachian mountain community in eastern Kentucky. Over the past 50 years, a nurse midwife and a school teacher brought health care, education, birth control and loving aid to poor people there. Garrett Hubbard/USA TODAY
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Comment (68)

  1. I love that these fantastic women have went into a rural Appalachian community to try to reach people who may be relatives of mine. I can only hope that the ladies are also doing something to teach that poverty is not a death sentence to which the people in Appalachia seem to be condemned.

  2. America watched the anti-American left oppose the Iraq War as a war without end, an un-winnable war that is too expensive. well? $17 trillion of money looted from the American taxpayer and not only is poverty not gone, it has worsened and American families are decimated by the dependency and the pimp mentality of Washington. Why do Democrats support the open-ended, un-winnable war on poverty with tax dollars but opposes removing anti-American dictators? Don't "Progressives" believe in facts?

  3. Even tho life was was very hard 50 years ago on Stinking Creek, Ky…those were the good ole days….we as children worked very hard, went to school, took care of younger brothers and sisters, growed up to be way more responsible than children these days. Never had everything given to us…no medical cards, no food stamps….no welfare….no hand outs from the government no one expected freebies….Life wasn't any different in Stinking Creek, KY than most likely in Stinking Creek, TN all poor.

  4. I don't know about that, Allison. My mother always had a saying. "A fox smells his own hole". And I came away from the very same video thinking…If I had been a single lady back in those days, with a dream to help people in a difficult area like that, and knew of another lady who wanted to do the same; I'd feel a lot safer sharing a home with her rather than living out on some ridge, alone, with very little by way of conveniences, money or protection. I guess we all see with different eyes.

  5. My daddy and mommy lived in hyden kentucky. It was in leslie county kentucky. Some of those old shacks I can remember as a kid. It was the best place in the world when I was a kid growing up.

  6. I just read the book "stinking creek".  yes, this film was way to short.  I told my daughter I want to visit this place and talk to the people.  I want to find the name of the little girl on the cover of the book and talk to her now!  thank you so much for sharing!!!!!

  7. What an angel. Imagine all the sacred light she has inside of her. Probably over 90 %. I wish all poverty would go away. Thanks for sharing this video. Beautiful people and what a beautiful land.

  8. Funny how children don't know they are living in poverty. Surprising such a rich country but I guess people did not care, people did not know about them. What a horrible way to live. I could not imagine going hungry, no shoes, proper clothing.

  9. I was with a group from Ball State who went to Lend-A -Hand Center and stayed with Peggy and Irma in the early 1970s. We helped visit the people from the area and one was a nurse and took people to doctor's appointments. I went 2 times.

  10. My mom was raised here. I lived here for a few years as a child. I will never forget the place and would love to one day buy my grandparent's old home. I never really understood how my mom grew up until I was older. I know one thing, this place is beautiful and will always be a part of me.

  11. I know Christine Brown and Jack Brown My Grand father was from stinking creek Christine Brown picture in on the front of John Fedderman Book I seen her in save a lot ,,, she said that ass hole came up to our homes and told lies ,,,,,, Christine Brown and my sister Arlene Williams were best friends ,,, my sister got killed in car wreck with Denver brown Little man ,,,back the late 1970's she had two children by Virgil Grey that my mother and me raised ,,,, Hal Rogers is a SOB he want do anything for the people in Knox county and Bell county just Pikeville the old bastard ,,,,he is 84 hope the covid 19 gets him ,,takes his ass out ,,,,,,he caused so many people to suffer and some die in jail with that stupid ass Operation Unite drug war ,, Let Hal Go to hell with Richard Nixon ,,, both bastards ….

  12. I’m from Stinking Creek. The best childhood I could have ever of wanted. My daddy’s name was Farmer Sizemore. He was well known on the creek for awhile. Everyone knows everyone!!

  13. The stinking creek that I am semi-familiar with is in Campbell County, Tennessee and runs between I-75 and 25w. The video should be more specific about the location.


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