Republicans Ban Sesame Street from CPAC, Donald Trump Jr Sells Hate & Most Common Passwords Revealed

The lengthiest partial lunar eclipse in almost 600 years took place tonight, in California as of today every adult can get a vaccine booster shot, Jets quarterback Joe Flacco revealed that he too is unvaccinated, top Congressional Karen Marjorie Taylor Greene also revealed she isn’t vaccinated, the Conservative Political Action Conference announced that Elmo, Big Bird, Bert & Ernie aren’t invited, the annual list of the most common passwords of 2021 is out so we took to the street to ask people what they’re passwords are, President Biden got the international band of neighbors back together at the White House today, Donald Trump Jr is selling dumb stuff right in time for Thanksgiving, Yehya reviews Ghostbusters: Afterlife, and This Week in Unnecessary Censorship.

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Comment (1,378)

  1. I hope this doesn’t make Jimmy cry on tv again but he’s suffering TDS. Jimmy used to be funny but that was a long time ago. He’s now a puppet for the left. He’s not interested in comedy because he would definitely be making fun of dementia joe. Let’s Go Brandon.

  2. Big bird is selling Pfizers experimental gene therapy drugs to kids and you cucks think its great. You guys know that fascism is merger of corporate and state right? No, didnt think so. You all better go get your boosters. Your putting my life at risk.

  3. Russia Russia Russia!! 🤭 Come on man! California is used to high gas prices for a very long time, now Biden is going to make that a reality in just another month that these prices will be even higher! Yeah for Biden! What else can he do is invite the illegally entered migrants coming from well pretty much every place except for Cuba. How many are you going to support in your yards because the beaches and streets are going to be cleaned up! Open your border and let them in your homes! That's one way to get rid of the homeless people in 1 city. 🤭

  4. This loser just can’t help himself.. every night for 6 years with the low grade hacky trump jokes. Amazing creativity.
    It’s so sad. He was actually decently funny before trump took over his career

  5. All while Jimmy Kimmel lied about not being able to afford his son's Heart Surgery. He makes $14 MILLION dollars/ season. Easily being able to afford that surgery and have NBC PAY FOR IT, ANYWAY.
    I want Jimmy Kimmel to show us proof MASKS work. That is the one statistic MSM refuses to publish.

  6. Jimmy Kimmel can no longer compete with Gutfeld! Gutfeld now #1 in late night. Only took a couple months to do it too!! Would be nice Jimmy to get back to some semblance of COMEDY!!

  7. Enough of this political crap. Kimmel used to be funny. I can't even watch him anymore. Enough is enough. Every night with this bs. Just make some jokes and leave all this political crap out of it.

  8. What evil diabolical plan should we hatch up next, y’all?… talk about calling the kettle black… these absent-minded liberals are the ones who started “cancel culture” & made it their narrative to begin with… Just saying. Think before you speak, Jimmy.

  9. That's funny because I always used to say, if Elmo hasn't invited you, you're probably not liked. Look at how many famous people have been on Sesame Street.

  10. PLEASE HELP ME SPREAD THE WORD. This year marks the 400th anniversary of the Thanksgiving tradition. The 1st was in 1621. For some reason that fact isn’t nationwide news.

  11. The saddest thing since Trump was defeated. Is that him, and his sheep, are destroying America from within. But more importantly America is now a laughing stock on the world platform. And the longer this goes on the more damage, and in many ways irreversible damage. More importantly is the inaction to dealing with the republicans that encouraged and endorsed the riots. Sad sad times

  12. Funny how the Trump’s continue to live rent free in all these Democratic suck asses heads. Samantha Bee wouldn’t have a show any longer if she stopped so I take it Jimmy Kimmel is following suit.


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