Repair BROKEN Hydraulic Cylinders for CAT D11 Dozer | Part 1 | Making a New Eye

This video is Part 1 of repairing a pair of BROKEN Hydraulic cylinder rods and eyes for a Caterpillar D11 Dozer ripper lift cylinders. The eye has completely broken off one rod, the threaded end has broken off the other rod and there is also a seized nut! This shows the step by step process of making a new eye for the hydraulic cylinder rod including machining, boring, milling, drilling and tapping. We also show gas axe cutting off the seized nut using an oxy gas cutting torch and machining the good eye off the broken cylinder rod ready to fit onto the new cylinder rods which we make in part 2.

In this video we are using:
– Hafco TM-26120G Lathe
– Hafco TM-2140G Lathe
– BM-63VE Milling Machine
– HMP-150T Hydraulic Press

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Comment (591)

  1. I believe I’d do the same if I had as new machines as you keep an old beater lathe just to clean rusty parts do ya don’t have to worry about that trash destroying the ways

  2. All due respect to Kurtis for the amazing job but kudos to Mrs CCE for the camera work and production quality. It is absolutely spot on perfect. No annoying background music or look at me narration or joking around that you find on some other channels. Just honest hard work interspersed with a little safety officer screen time. Great job as always guys. Cheers from Giddings, Texas. Glad to see Homeless is still enjoying his blanket…….

  3. Absolutely amazing video. This one was super sweet, Detective Kurtis gets to the bottom of it and solves the case, no mystery gets past this detective. The details, all the explanations, wow. Every video I get something from, thank you for the lessons and the great video work. Your production skills are just amazing. Have a great weekend everyone.

  4. Just love your channel and can only agree that this is food for brain! At least my brain cos it reminds me of my father who did similar work when he was alive. Any movies from his time doesn't exist and this is where you Kurtis comes in! Love your talk, when you get it right, huhu, and Homie, who is my daughter's Mike in a nutshell, but they all are! Don't burn yourself and Thanks a million!

  5. The machine owner might wanna look at all the pivots involved with these cylinders. rods being side loaded like that? Those forces were going thru the parts / pivots they're both attached to.. side loading them as well

  6. Every time you use the large drill bit it looks like you are releasing a tentacle monster from the center of the metal. I can see the B Movie now. "It came from down under" away from all the banana heads.

  7. Another awesome video Kurtis! Always find real interesting mainly because you explain the failure and repair so well. I enjoy carving wood so I fully enjoy watching you carve metal! 👍😃🤣

  8. 5 mm difference does not seem excessive on the length to cause the issue. I would look at the machine, because it has 6 attachment points, and if the frame has been tweaked in any way, the misalignment could be a lot more than 5mm. Also, the D11 R has been around for more than 20 years, so you might be dealing with plain old age fatigue-

  9. I paused the video at 8:00 to write this comment. The detective work you did in determining what actually happed is the mark of a true professional. You could have just did the repair and sent it off. Instead you did due diligence. Its nice to see people with this integrity.

  10. Well…,
    as always a great video…,
    i loved the detailed “autopsy” report (of sorts) on the cause of damage…,
    and as per my usual weirdness/geeky/sorted mindset…, that “pal” bit going across the top/side/bottom of the eye…, most awesome…, not sure why, just looks cool… hahaha…
    Thank you both.

  11. Since the one rod was not OEM, it makes me wonder if it was built that 5mm shorter. I can certainly see the one that was field repaired not being the exact length, but 5mm is almost 1/4 banana off. That far off is bordering on incompetence, it seems.

    Anyway, Karen's slow-motion view of the filing was funny. Occasionally the slow motion is of something interesting and can see her giggling away as she finds the most mundane thing to slow-mo.

    Also, not enough Homie.

  12. Spigot is from the old English name of a plug used in a cask. A word brought to English from the Norman word Espigot meaning the nut part of a fruit- like a peach pit.

  13. With knowledge you should have a shop boy/girl as an apprentice.Start by cleaning and watching. However i know that could take a little time upfront. But it will pay off in the end.

  14. 🤪RIGHTO, Guys!!! In this episode, we find Giggles has taken control of the shop (6:52) – the Safety Officer spends the day parading about his casino winnings (25:25) – while Karl has trouble with his tool reaching a satisfying depth (28:18) and needing “. . . just one more banana!”🤣🤣🤣

    👍Thanks, guys – brilliant as ever – looking forward to Part 2 – all blessings & prayers!!!👍

  15. I found your channel over Christmas and have been binge watching your videos ever since. I'm a farmer but I'm very interested in machining. I've learned a lot watching you for the last few weeks. Thanks for the effort you put into your work and your videos, the quality really shows.

  16. Not meaning to mind your business Kurtis , but did you inspect the interior bottom of the barrel of the cylinder that had the jammed up nut that you had to cut off? I suspect that the rod end collided with the inside of the barrel causing the rod end to flare and jam the nut. There might have been a stress point added there that could be a future problem.
    Seeing Homeless trotting around with his rubber chicken is a cute addition to the videos. For some reason he reminds me of that one rhino in Jumanji. I'm not sure why but he does.
    Both you and Karen should be commended for the finished product of your videos ,they are great and I've loved seeing them. Thanks and keep up the good work , both of you. 👌

  17. I’m not a machinist by trade but I find watching Curtis tackle these jobs fascinating. He is absolutely fearless and seems to have no problem taking on any’re the man Curtis!👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  18. я не могу смотреть как он без перчаток работает! угробит руки смолоду, потом вообще капец, ни согнуть ни разогнуть. хватает сверло горячее и попер. люди пожалуйста соблюдайте технику безопасности!

  19. When I was young I liked watching older guys blow things up. Now that I am getting older, I LOVE watching younger guys fix broken things. Great channel. Keep things working for us.

  20. Hi,
    If you could cut the slow Mo and the over elaborate efforts with the camera. The latter just makes me feel sea sick. I do look forward to your videos. However I feel your going down the rabbit hole of other contributors in attempting to enhance your content with fancy effects. Personally, I would happily sit and watch a 2 hour video that shows the job from start to finish.


  21. so if the eye isnt genuine does that mean the part isn't good? or of a lower quality? or does it mean its not a "cat" part? and what does that mean for repairs like this in general? if the parts arent genuine? does it affect the warranty? service life? repairability?

  22. Hey mate – thanks to the three of you for another great video. I was wondering 'how much is too much' in rod length discrepancy for machines like this, so cheers for measuring and explaining! Hangin out for the next part.

  23. Love that, "I'm the boss, when your not around" "I do what I want, when Karen says its okay" Cant wait for part 2! Thank you!!!!!

  24. I've never had enough confidence in my chucks to make interrupted cuts with that much stickout without some sort of backup. I'll drill and tap the left end for a threaded rod through the spindle, or run the tailstock in with a live center, sometimes with a simple disc or a washer on a hollow piece. I've never had a workpiece come out of the chuck, and I hope you're as fortunate. Looking forward to the second part.

  25. So, the giveaway that it was a really clean shop job, or a factory remanufacture, was what?
    The eye had a shaft projecting from it?
    It should have been a small projecting shaft on the end of the rod?
    How does the factory make them?
    Thanks! Another terrific video!

  26. when you were milling the eye it seemed a bit noisy-lots of vibration? the ridgidity probably isn't great on that setup-do you need need to try faster rpm to reduce chatter??

  27. I would like to see you explain the edge finder you use. I get the theory of it but what is the accuracy level. How can you visually see the top and bottom are running true within, say a thousandth of a banana?

  28. Excellent stuff Kurtis, who'd a thunk a relatively small difference in length of the rods would have allowed them to destroy each other. I guess that is another paragraph belonging to The Law of Unintended Consequences! Thanks Kurtis, Giggler and Homey!

  29. Cool to see the wear rings and seals in their application when your repairing some of these machines. As a Machinist/Mold maker, I've worked for SKF for 30 years making molds for many of the type seals and wear rings you use. I enjoy your videos, thanks for sharing. 👍👍


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