Range Rover Sport SVR – 0-100km/h All-Terrain Acceleration Test

The Range Rover Sport SVR proves its super SUV credentials as it tackles an all-terrain acceleration test. Merging legendary all-terrain capability with 550PS V8 power and advanced traction technology, the Range Rover Sport SVR goes from 0-100km/h on asphalt, grass, gravel and snow. Visit http://bit.ly/1U76Mwx to find out more about the Range Rover Sport SVR.

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Comment (22)

  1. I dont think people buy the SVR for the 0-100 times. It loses to the BMW X5M/X6M, Merc GLE63S and Cayenne Turbo/Turbo S in that regards. Keep in mind all these have similar horsepower, although the SVR is down on torque and weighs the most. You buy the SVR for the sound, prestige and offroad capability 95% of people are never gonna use.

  2. The Range Rover sport Svr is the coolest Range Rover in Land Rover history because it looks amazing and makes the sound of a muscle car and it's capable on and off the road even on the track it's good !!!!!

  3. I bought a Land Rover series 2 I don't know what to do with it I'm only 13 it looks really nice I like the way the headlamps are Inbetween the the side panels and it has that that Land Rover look to it that I wish Land Rover still used also I love the look of the old Land Rover symbol I also can't wait for the new defender

  4. Dream Car! We have it on the Showroom Floor right now…come take a look and drool, but make sure you wipe the drool before you drive it, the back passengers won't be happy :()


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