Rabies – our time to act is now

Rabies is an infectious viral disease that is almost always fatal once clinical symptoms appear.

In most cases, the disease is transmitted to humans by the bite of a rabid dog, but infection can also spread through scratches or via saliva.

Rabies kills one person every 9 minutes and children aged 5–14 years are frequent victims.

Yet rabies is 100% vaccine preventable. Vaccinating dogs is the most cost-effective way to prevent rabies in people.
Education about dog behaviour, immediate care measures after a bite, responsible dog ownership and bite prevention are essential components of rabies elimination.

WHO and partners aim to achieve zero human rabies deaths by

The time to act is now.

More information: http://www.who.int/rabies/en/

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Comment (55)

  1. A disease that kills a person every nine minutes, WHERE and HOW?
    Jebus this is so cherry picked and misinformative. A baby dies every 1 minute in a world, yey!
    Maybe, if we took living conditions in to account we could get some real results instead of "Oh, this and this many people die in a year because of this reason."
    Why, where, how and why?

  2. There was water in a bucket. The dog ate the water for a while and then it was cooked with the water. Is there a possibility of getting rabies after eating the cooked food?

  3. If you get dog bite or cat scratch…Wash the bite wound with soap and water immediately for about 20 mins. Rush to hospital in case bleeding is present. It's category 3 and definitely needs vaccination. Seek medical help from a qualified doctor. Takecare.

  4. Your glass is half full, I'm afraid. What are you going to do with strays? What about getting every warm blooded mammal in the area to get a vaccination?

    You can reduce the deaths, but if someone is bitten and treatment is not reached in time, then they shall die.

    Hearts in the right place – rationality has no place.

  5. developed nations are not focusing on this issue but just imagine once if this virus goes airborne after mutation…..???


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