Quincy Isaiah Was Coached by Rick Fox at Basketball Boot Camp for Winning Time

Quincy Isaiah talks about what it was like to audition to play Magic Johnson and attending a basketball boot camp coached by former L.A. Laker Rick Fox to prepare for the role.

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Quincy Isaiah Was Coached by Rick Fox at Basketball Boot Camp for Winning Time – Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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Comment (88)

  1. hey seth, in an interview you said your book answers all the questions children might have so parents don't have to worry about follow up questions…
    you think the giant picture of you in the back won't raise any questions?!!!! #corrections #jackalpower👊

  2. Quincy is so good on this show. I’m really enjoying the series, as long as you realize there are some dramatic liberties taken to make a more interesting show.

  3. Holy moly, this fella seems so dang affable and charming and warm and ALIVE! His eyes shining like a boy on Xmas morn 🤩 Happy boy!


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