Queen Elizabeth II’s Death Elicits Wide-Ranging Reaction & Steve Bannon Indicted | The Daily Show

Buckingham Palace announced Queen Elizabeth II died, Steve Bannon was indicted on fraud charges, a membership list of Oath Keepers leaked, a Dutch city banned meat advertisements, and a Texas judge said HIV drug mandate violates religious freedoms. #DailyShow #Comedy

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Comment (4,778)

  1. Not British, don't care to much that the queen died, sure she had a long reign and everything and was a pretty cool person from my understanding. BUT another old lady I didn't know kicked the bucket means little to me. Lets talk about something cool, like james webb telescope

  2. Jesus Christ what's with so much controversy on basics right like abortion and equality in marriage and now even in healthcare. It's so sad to see people constantly fighting for what is there basic rights. In every country their is a stigma of religion were political leaders use it as a weapon to justify their hideous views. Like why can't for a minute they just introspect. It would work wonders let me tell you

  3. Canada, Australia, Newzealand, Bermuda, Cayman, Montserrat, Anguilla, Saint Helena, Ascension Island, Chagos archipelago are all illegitimate territories and continue to remain under the illegal occupation of the whites

  4. Sustainable agriculture needs animals to function in a holistic manner. Eliminating meat would be like eliminating buffalo from the great plains, or wildebeest from the Serengeti.

  5. YES. Farming meat for human consumption accounts for more greenhouse gases than all the worlds transportation COMBINED. They aren’t forcing anyone to not eat meat, they are being smart about not promoting something polluting. Plus, with an increase in food shortage expected with increased climate change, we will need to use the plants planted for animal consumption for human consumption instead. We could literally solve world hunger today if everyone went vegan and we fed our corn/soy/grain we currently grow for livestock to the worlds hungry.

  6. translating groenlinks as greenlinks bothers me a lot. the name is a combination of 2 words: groen (green) and links (left or lefties), so either say the original name groenlinks or say greenlefties, don't translate half the word and not the other half…..

    and yes, we dutch are weird

  7. I just want to know, now that’s she is gone will things be better for worse for the world. Or how things will change. Or will this have zero impact at all

  8. As Queen, Elizabeth II saw the assassinations of Kennedy and Sadat, she saw the moon walk, she saw Chernobyl, she saw America elect its first black president, she saw America elect Trump.

    I mean, she was Queen long enough to see the Cubs win the Series!

  9. Why would oath keepers having government roles be a surprise? Their name is about keeping the oath they swore to office/the government. They all should be ex-army-electedofficals-police-etc to match their name.

  10. I am Dutch and want to clear a misunderstanding. By law, drugs are NOT allowed in my country. Soft drugs are tolerated if for personal use.
    Now compare drugs abuse in the U.S. to that in the Netherlands. You'll find it's a big problem over there, but hardly any over here.
    Then about the meat ads. A bit extreme, I admit, but it does make sense. All those animals needed for our meat produce a huge amount of methane, need lots of land for their food and last, but not least, have a miserable life. And we as humans don't need to eat meat. I do eat it, but my children and grandchildren don't.

  11. A Powerful Woman….. She might not have been the best woman who supported blacks but she was a woman..I respect her for that..🙏🏾 96 is a longnlife…England should not mourned her but celebrate her life

  12. Y'all know what's funny? People who created and advocated for sep of church and state are/were the same people who are of the church! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    I think right now we are in a steady climbing civil war. Only reason this hasn't popped off yet, is because people with common sense have long(very long) tempers.
    …My temper is running out, though. It's only a matter of time before it becomes a mine field.😥

  13. "Why would a secret organization keep a list of its members?"
    It's secret, not free. How are you going to charge membership fees if you don't have a list?

  14. Has Bannon ever seen the remnants of the trump "wall"? It's a fence. There are no bricks. So the claim that a donation will get you "your name on a brick in the wall" is hilarious!

  15. Geesh Trevor… Trump has all that money and you’re so oppressed. Yet it’s Trump with alll his white privilege, all those ppl’s faces you put up… looked white to me… so they too, must be privileged and your blackness is still free? Free to lie and say whatever you want about a potus. You have convinced me about this whole white privilege bs. You certainly DO have it worse than white rich men. You personally don’t matter to them at all- you sure are jealous of them. Even as they are being put in shackles and being mistreated, you cheer like the old plantation masters of old once did. Your oppression includes a lack of education. That’s obvious as you enjoy mistreating ppl. One side against the other. Some called that idiotic.

  16. Remember, last but not least like Joel from the last of us, you don't know loss, like it can't be for nothing but then again remember if your not standing for something, sit down !!!!!!

  17. I just found out my great grandma has also passed just today. She was also in her 90s. I definitely didn't expect her death after all the long years she's been fine. It's unfortunate, but I guess it's bound to happen since her mental state has been deteriorating for the past few months.
    I'm not sure how to react. It's surreal seeing someone who seemed perfectly healthy for ages become increasingly sick in just a short time.

  18. Eish… Animals don't contribute to CO2. just research the "closed CO2" cycle which animals and all natural biomass is part of… The actual issue is us burning fossil fuels and of course natural CO2 emissions such as volcanoes. When are people going to get real and wake up from these myths? how can the natural, living Bio-Mass on this planet be adding CO2 to itself? It's not possible! CO2 can only be added through sources that are NOT part of the existing earthly biomass!!! Such as the burning of fossil fuels and erupting volcanoes! COWs are having virtually ZERO effect to the atmospheric CO2 levels… You just need to dig for the correct info. It is there, if you would just look for it!!!

  19. The loss of the queen is nothing to the world she was a colonizer she was alive during colonization of India and Africa where the brits committed massacres so kick her to the bucket no tears here

  20. Idk I've ever seen a meat ad and been like yeah I suddenly need meat. People buy the amount they'd buy otherwise..well, unless it is on sale. Then you buy to stock up for times like this when inflation happens, and stock up a freezer if you have one.


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