Queen Elizabeth II: her reign in numbers

Queen Elizabeth II has died. Her 70-year reign was the longest of any British monarch—and spanned a period in which the world has radically changed. This is the story of her remarkable reign in numbers.

00:00 – Queen Elizabeth II: her reign in numbers
01:20 – How Britain transformed
03:00 – How many hours has the Queen worked?
04:14 – The Queen and the Commonwealth
04:45 – Number of countries the Queen has visited
05:58 – The Queen, Popes and US presidents
06:33 – Films the Queen was portrayed in
07:00 – The longest-reigning monarchs

The Queen’s death is the end of an era: https://econ.st/3Db6Jl2

Queen Elizabeth II— the weight of duty: https://econ.st/3eDgQF2

How Queen Elizabeth II strengthened the monarchy https://econ.st/3eB6B42

1843: Drama queen: Her Majesty on-screen, from “The Simpsons” to “The Crown”

How Prince Philip’s death demonstrated dynastic principle flourishment: https://econ.st/3znYsoO

Is “The Crown” portrayal of the royals inaccurate? https://econ.st/3y8o6NK

Did Queen Elizabeth approve the toppling of Australia’s government: https://econ.st/3kHNN3S

Where does the British monarchy get its money from? https://econ.st/3kDaBlz

The parallels between Alex Ferguson and Queen Elizabeth II: https://econ.st/3zmfvY9

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  1. In tears here. This so sad, shes been here all my life; times when I've been alone, addicted to drugs – I could always look to her for strength. Every single Christmas shes been there. The UK is done now, utterly. The royals are woke and none of them deserve their titles. She did.

  2. Tonight is a night to Remember The Victims and the devastating acts of the queen of englands Army, Police, her Courts..Men , Women and Children Shot , maimed and imprisoned and Still imprisoned under her reign in Ireland , Families lives changed forever when Ordinary people joined the Resistance , Bullets, Plastic bullets, The death of our Hunger Strikers, Young Patrick Rooney shot in his bed , Aiden mc Anespie walking to a football match..Ballymurphy to Derry, She the commander in chief of those forces will not get my sympathy.. Keep The Irish Down because you were a Superior Race.. Her Ancestors Starved over a million Irish dying on Coffin Ships on the way way to America.
    Maybe many Choose to ignore this , Many will Never Forget…

  3. As a matter of policy and protocols the Queen was never allowed to voice her personal/political opinions. But from a few snippets of her life I would imagine she was a strong minded lady who will subtly let those around her know, with finesse too. I particularly remembered two of them, one, while entertaining visiting foreign head of state/royalty from a middle Eastern country that didn't allow women drivers, she invited the person for a drive around and executed several manoeuvres that drained the blood out of the man's face. That was how subtle she was with her opinion. Second, was how she snubbed the apartheid regime in South Africa by refusing to visit the country for as long as Mandela was imprisoned. Mandela was the only non member of the BRF that was allowed to affectionately called HMTQ, Elizabeth.

  4. As a Filipino with a small British blood heritage descendants

    A Tribute Remember:

    May Rest In Peace RIP to Her Majesty Royal Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022)

    deep condolences from Manila, Philippines

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  6. She gave us the James Bond entertainment and mini skirt revolution, she was free to say Beatles, move away to Portugal, not here under my nose this crazy madness. .like any mother, you can forgive any of those things that were rather a disappointment but then, she created the trend world wide, numbers speak up

  7. Sooo sad for a 96 year old born into power, riches & privileges and whose funeral expenses will be footed by taxpayers to die peacefully in one of her many mansions… So sad!!!

  8. It is intersting to see these western propaganda channels eulogizing the Monarchy, and still claim to be the flag bearers of Democracy. The WEST has been on the Decline, and YES, there is a reason for it: THEY DESERVE IT!! The Queen was the mother of the EVIL empire and the EVIL bunch of children, no second thoughts about it!!

  9. Funny how the media in Europe cover her legacy without mentioning colonialism under her rain and what the monarchy always stood for world wide when her mother rain and before SMH

  10. Crazy that she became queen a year after my dad was born and 4 years before my mother was born and last this long. RIP Queen Elizabeth 💔💔💔 she also died on my brothers birthday who’s now been dead for 3years so it was double sadness for me yesterday

  11. At lasth the 🐷 has fallen now return the KOHINOOR diamond u shameless,


  12. MAYBE I'M MISSING SOMETHING, OR MAYBE I'M JUST FROM ANOTHER PLANET, BUT I ABSOLUTELY DON'T GET IT! Queen Elizabeth seemed like a nice old lady and all, but seriously, what did she do? She didn't affect my life at all, OR anybody I personally know for that matter. I can't tell you what her role was besides reading statements and being a fantasy prop. I wish I could be as in awe of her as many people, but I'm not so easily impressed by people with whom everybody acts as if you should be impressed simply because it's the thing to do

  13. Ok its about time the British Monarchy moved into the 21 st. Century, rather than remain in the 17 th. century. Forget Charles the Unfaithful, he is well past his time. We should move straight to King William, the most appropriate person to take the Throne.

  14. You forgot
    I have a simple question to ask…after WW1 Germany was forced to sign the humiliating Treaty of Versailles which led to WW2…and 70 million deaths. But Germany was forced to pay reparations.
    Now Great Britain colonized and transferred wealth worth 45T USD in todays value from India and besides some paltry aid…has never paid a single dollar in reparations!!
    Any logical reason for this??

  15. Our queen was amazing 👏 King Charles has big shoes to fill but there will never be a monarch like her EVER AGAIN mark my words! And all of us that got to be alive during this time and witness her reign shall count ourselves lucky! We lived through the most amazing monarch of all time. RIP Queen Elizabeth II
    Have your rest you well and truly deserve with your beloved husband. LONG LIVE THE QUEEN 👸 🙏

  16. Рептилоид, смотрящий по Земле, сдох.

    Следующие после главы сатанинской черной аристократии

    – Байден, Путин, Си Дзе Пин …. в общем, все рептилии низшего ранга.

    Вся рептильная иерархия рухнет. Что они сами и предсказали для себя в их "слове божьем" – Библии,

    как конец света.

    Да, для них наступил их конец света.

    Для нас наступает конец их царства Тьмы.

    Да будет Свет!

    Да сгинет Тьма!

  17. The monarchy is a line of steadiness that holds Britain together even as it goes through radical change. In an oddly unexpected way, it is the glue of British democracy when it's politics whipsaws between liberalism and conservativism.

  18. Now watch they don't care the queen is dead it's all about money watch they going to start selling queen Elizabeth shirts and exe think I'm lying u gone see who's right they don't care they just looking for a reason too make money on her death

  19. I'm a 60 year old lady, when I was a snarky, catty know it all (in my teens and twenties) i used to think the queen was not pretty. Looking back at her 0hotos now, like your thumbnail, she may not have been "pretty" (whatever that means). But, she was beautiful. Very striking. I'm sorry for her loved ones and all that loved and adored her. I cried when I heard the news. I live in California. I'm sad. I will always think of queen Elizabeth when 8 hear about the UK. ♥️😭

  20. Canada, Australia, Newzealand, Bermuda, Cayman, Montserrat, Anguilla, Saint Helena, Ascension Island, Chagos archipelago are all illegitimate territories and continue to remain under the illegal occupation of the whites

  21. دست پرورده ابلیس نفرین شده،به جهنم ابدی رفت تا روح آلوده به خونریزی بیگناهان و ستمدیدگان او، درجهنم زجر بکشد
    یک ایرانی پارسی

  22. Although many people I know are Anti-Monarchy, people need to appreciate what she did for us, when she was 10, her Uncle King Edward VIII, abdicated and threw the monarchy in dissaray. In 1940 when she was 14 years old, Windsor Castle was bombed during the blitz… she went against her council and forced her way to join the war effort and joining the ATS where 345 of their members were killed, she was 19.

    Yes, there are controversies, but, she brought peace and stability to her country through her own efforts, creating the commonwealth and guiding the British Empire to a peace and orderly end; unlike every other empire before it, which always fell in flames.

    Rest In Peace, Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II 🙏 ❤

  23. September 8 was a very bad day in the modern times Great Britain. The country lost a great leader, a charismatic person and a historical figure. Now in the UK it is a very dark and cold day. But everyone must think about the strenght of christianity and moralitty and to survive this cruel period.

  24. Are the people of England willing for Charles to be king and Camila to be queen or at least be a princess with the benefits that come from taxes and other British income?

  25. My grandmother was born in the same year as the Queen so I've always associated the 2 of them together. My grandmother died last November but with the Queen still alive, I still had that place in my heart. Now she's gone, it feels like my grandmother died all over again.


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