Queen Elizabeth II Death: Royal Expert Melanie Bromley on What’s Next | Daily Pop | E! News

Royal expert Melanie Bromley weighs in on what we can expect during this mourning period, funeral arrangements and the coronation of King Charles.

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Comment (124)

  1. It's officially announced!! It is now Prince William of Wales and Princess Catherine of Wales…. In the same speech he expressed love for Harry and Meghan who will continue to live overseas in they words.

  2. The part about her last moments of life, son and daughter in law at her bedside at her passing. This triggered me as it reminded me of my own experience seeing my mum pass. Its so sad the Queen passed.

  3. It’s obviously a sad time, but the light at the end of the tunnel, is that he was welcomed so warmly. I’m excited for him and Camilla. They both have been so loyal and worked so hard, so it’s all so well deserved. And he clearly is taking a firm stance because he didn’t cow tow to meghans threats. Charles said way before he knew of Meghan’s existence that he wanted a slimmed down monarchy, Meghan found that out and used the race card to change that. So I think it’s good that Charles is not going to cow tow to her threats. Just last week she was threatening the royal family, so I’m glad the king is going to take a firm stance against her. Time to stop that narcissist. Go be happy in America and leave the royals alone. Enough already.

  4. “We may never hear them” thank god Harry wasn’t there in those final moments, because otherwise the world would know every detail. Gale king would be reporting immediately. I’m sure the royals are relieved it can all remain private now that he wasn’t there.

  5. the Queen was the head of state when our country Zimbabwe was plundered of its resources for us here there is no sorrow…..

    We respect the dad and sorry for the family bt our memory of her is far from pleasant


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