Quagliarella’s Backheel or Ronaldo’s Belter? | Goals of the Season | Serie A

All the very best goals from the 2018/19 Serie A season! | Serie A

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  1. I'll admit, I especially like goals where NO ONE sees it coming except for the goal scorer. And who on Earth could expect, at that moment when the cross was coming in, that Quag was gonna airborne backheel volley it from that distance?

  2. I mean ronaldos goal is nice but pretty normal. Nothing really outstanding about it. Almost every other goal in the vid is better.

  3. Best Free Kick in the season: Muriel's free kick from 30 meters against Inter
    Overall Best Goal in the season: Nainggolan's super volley from 25 meters against Juventus

  4. Obviously Nainggolan tbh. Quagliarella scored a brilliant goal but both in terms of context and in terms of aesthetic beauty Nainggolan's is brilliant.

  5. I'm a huge fan of ronaldo that strike was somewhat average for his standards compared to his overhead kick etc…
    I was surprised to see it in the "goals of the season" he used to do that every game in spain

  6. Ronaldo goal is one his classic goals. I'm a huge fan of Cr7 but I choose quagliarella's backheel volley I don't think he's gonna score that goal ever in his career.


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