Q-Factory – Heroic Ascension ( Robert Etoll )

This dynamic sequel to Epic Action 1 brings the modern industrial, metallic, distorted, fritty and percussive sound design beds you will love and combines them with the power of a live orchestra. Oonce again, Q-Factory has taken this genre to the next level !

Composer: Robert Etoll

Wallpaper: http://wall.alphacoders.com/wallpaper.php?i=253125 />
I do not own anything in the video, no copyright infringement intended, all music and images belongs to its owners/creators. Backup Channel Guys. Please subscribe and let it grow –

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  1. Damn, I have a picture if a guy in a similar suit targeted by laser dots and there is also skittles falling out of one of his pockets. This artist really have a thing for skittles i suppose.

  2. I've also been trying to find the goddam name of this song!!!! ive put soooo many searches in google and none of the trailers of medal of honor warfighter would even give me the slightest hint to what the name the theme song they put in. then I came accros upon one particular trailer out of all the other trailers had one guy post the name and artist to what it is. Any trailer or movie should put detail about there work and uses of songs and music because I get the songs by watching trailers.

  3. The fight would take place in the grand arena at the center of the city. It had been built over the ruins of the previous one.
    Fitting, he thought as he remembered how the long months of training had reforged him.
    They would battle again, but this time he was ready.
    More than ready.


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