Putin’s deadly Mi-8MTV-5 & Ka-52 choppers strike Ukraine Army; Russia bombs hospital in Sumy

Russian choppers Mi-8MTV-5 and Ka-52 have launched a massive assault on Ukraine forces and destroyed armoured vehicles and military infrastructure facilities, the defence ministry of Russia has said. The ministry released a footage of the action against the Ukraine forces. This as Ukraine accused the Moscow of bombing a civilian hospital in Sumy region, leading to injuries and damage to the health facility. Watch the video for more.

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  1. Uk introduced/made Railways,Roads,Schools,Hospitals,Universities,🚗 ,🚌,Dams,🚽,☎ ,📪,Electricity,Tea,Coffee,English🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 language,Marriages to India and other colonies 🙏 🇬🇧

  2. India overtakes UK's GDP

    Indians: Whoa! we are now a superpower

    In real life: India 101 in the hunger index, last in the development index, lowest in gdp per capita, no food, no homes living in the street pavement, deaficating all over the place, where they sleep, where they eat, where they meditate, where they bath, where they pray

  3. The Hindustan Times is proving its editorial team lives in caves, Completely unaware of what the rest of the planet is watching right now in Ukraine . i.e. Territory invaded and then stolen by Russia is being regained and the Russian army is backing off in droves. Putin is also in complete denial or unaware because, his own generals are too frightened to tell him they are getting their arses kicked by a country about 1/10th the size and about 1/4 the population . Russia is rotten to the core, riddled with bribery and corruptio and its armed forces are proving to be – well – embarrassing…….

  4. Les generaux russes ne vont pas supporter une défaite, ils vont débrancher le ' fou de Moscou " comme ils l'appellent, et lui mettre la défaite et les crimes sur son dos, ils diront qu'ils étaient obligés d'obéir sous peine de mort comme les,Allemands en 1945 à ce hiitler

  5. Thank you india for showing the Russian side bombing Ukraine, it's not like that in UK always showing vice versa, it's good to know that Russia has a great friend in India always showing its bias. Humans are wonderful creatures ha ha ha

  6. The transgender coalition of US UK and NATO run away from sandal wearing Taliban leaving behind USD 85 billion dollars worth of military weapons in Afghanistan on August 2021. Soon the Kiev clown Zelensky will run away from Ukraine to London with plenty of money just like the Kabul clown Asraf Ghani 🤣🤣🤣🤡🤡🤡

  7. The Russians have lost this war also their weapons are old and out of date and have not stood up to NATO ability to change with the Times even if they use there ace in the hole it means total obliteration of Russia!

  8. Haha trying hard to telecast Russian propaganda, better luck next time, because we know a lot better of the ground reality happening in Ukraine right now, we know exactly who is obliterating whom.

  9. If zalensky would not have counter attacks , participated in peace talk , not obeyed US ideas , suggestions not mocked and criticize russia…the war would have ended up…due to listening to US that they will help and asking for suggestion created big war BTW Russia and Ukraine…now people of Ukraine are suffering not the leader…think for people and again he must not polarized to talk about peace…be leader but be for the leader for people….the word when zalensky said we will fight to the end and we will win…that's not the sprit sometimes In order to achieve something we should make concession on wars…make God bless Ukraine people…

  10. I can't understand India gain in supporting Putin….China will come for you with Russia chopper, Pakistan will not have your back…Us will laugh you from distance…then you will understand your paranoid toward the west…

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  12. Lol. The cheek of Ukraine. They killed thousands of its own citizens in 2014. Jets fire upon civilians homes. So disgusting how the west can support these scumbags. Russia is at war with all nato countries plus Ukraine and they still winning the war use old 1945-1960 weapons. Ukraine have all modern weapons from nato.

  13. Hospitals occupied by Ukraine have tanks, snipers and RPGs in residence… Not doctors, operating theatres and beds… Stop reporting Western war propaganda, will ya.
    Those rockets killed, and wounded people, did they…? Goodness, I am surprised. I thought this footage was a Hollywood battle scene starring, Rock Hudson… Silly me!

  14. Ukrainians should protest against its own president Zelensky to stop the war. Your own countrymen is dying every day and Americans are making money by selling arms to its alley to further sponsor ur country with arms.


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