Purse First Impressions | RPDR S14E13: “The Ross Mathews Roast” (with Willam)

Bob The Drag Queen is back with another season of Purse First Impressions. This time she’s unofficially discussing all things RuPaul’s Drag Race with Willam

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  1. For once, I am going to be so happy with any outcome from here on out, I just LOVE this final 5! They each are amazing in their own ways! I'd say Willow, Camden, and Daya will be top 3. I can't believe who I thought would be the early outs/least favorites have made it so far 😀

  2. i think its gonna be camden.. i think willow will slip up somehow… i at one point thought angeria for sure cause they like her so much, but she hasnt delivered like she needs to for a win.. bosco is my favorite but i dont think they like her enough to crown her … but daya for sure is not winner material…

  3. I love that they both forgot Daya Betty's roast. I feel like it's pretty relatable to totally stop paying attention at times while watching the roast episode. I find it so hard to watch when they are bad, I just go on my phone.

  4. Agree with Bob, I've want Willow to win from day 0 but I think it'll be Daya Betty. Daya's had a complete storyline of being sent home week one and brought back to then make it to the finale, she was relentlessly compared to Crystal Methyd for the first few episodes and has ultimately completely overcome that. She hasn't played nice and shown she's determined enough to get what she wants and to do it really fucking well. And now writing all that I think I've changed my mind and want Daya to win.

  5. I agree bob Daya Betty deserves to win along with Lady Camden and Willow I would honestly be happy if either of these 3 win. I think it would be Willow but Daya would gag the entire fandom and I would love to see it. Also Camden is a great drag queen and has worked hard

  6. The way Willam justifying Daya not winning because she would be too good for all stars is the perfect example of the way I analyze the show. Daya is not a winner… she's like a repeat all stars contestant. I could see her doing it more then once in the future.

  7. Love the Daya-Appreciation, Violet saw it in her on the Ball Pitstop Episode already – thinking that she should have won, she IS the Look Queen neck to neck with Willow. Also, love that she is a selfaware Villain thats more mischieveous than offensive and loud, a lot of times she has a valid point aswell. She suprised me throughout honestly, more of an all-rounder than Crystal for sure. If she wins the next episode she might have a chance.
    With Camden, I dont think we have seen such a good natural actor on the show since Dela and Jinkx. I actually think she has a chance of winning, I see her as the least likely to be back for All Stars out of the Top 5.
    Bosco is quite great all around, but Im sure they want her back with some more budget, she is a fan favorite after all. I can still see her improving.
    Willow is second most likely to win in my opinion, she has that it-factor and was very well prepared. The only thing I can see standing in her way, is Yvie (already a Winner) being her drag mom/sister.

  8. Is it weird that a I wait the hall week to watch bob’s first impressions for then after that watch the episode? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. I remember distinctly reading a comment about Lady Camden during meet the queens sort of time period where they were sure she was one of the first outs.

  10. I'm shocked that no one feels like Angie has this in the bag anymore. I think Willow is adorable but could she survive and stand out in the final lipsync? I think at this point it's pretty equal as to who will win

  11. at this point really Daya has the best story line from being eliminated early to reaching top 5, but of course they're gonna crown the fan favorite of the season, as usual the most mentioned queen on twitter always win.

  12. That would be such a moment if Daya won since:
    She's been an antagonist
    She was one of the first outs who came back
    I would be GAGGED if they crowned her. I also have a hard time believing they would crown Bosco due to the candy bar (which is ironic)

  13. I thought this "review" was so strange. It's like Bob doesn't know how to keep up a conversation with the guest anymore, he just wants to give his opinion and then NEXT. Willam tried to engage multiple times and Bob said "we'll get there". Strange

    It's like the editor cut out most of William's lines and kept only Bob. Willam noticed it and looked at the camera at 10:10 like wtf, Bob was ignoring her

  14. Is it just me or is there some tension between Bob and Willam??, I don't know, they don't feel comfortable, and are kinda not reacting to each other's jokes, specially Bob no really responding to what Willam has to say, this seems odd…

  15. I absolutely understand why Ru loves Jorgeous so much – it's impressive to see someone who lives and breathes drag at such a young age. Same reason as why she loves Krystal Versace!! It makes total sense!💚

  16. So disappointed you said Daya. Cannot stand. One of my least favorites of all time. I literally fast forward through him/her talking. Willow Pill all the way!

  17. not that i consider her to have been a “villain” but wouldn’t yvie oddly have been the last openly contentious (“villainous) queen to be crowned? 🤔

  18. I think Bosco will actually win. They can’t afford to have a favoritism issue bc Willow is a child of a winner and lady Cam is close but not there and daya isn’t unique enough from her drag mother

  19. I know this is a shorter version of the original video, bur I just wish they'd put more effort editing them. Thoughts are not even finished it's difficult to follow.

  20. I don't think Willow Pill's make up was bad. I think she was actually aiming for a botched plastic surgery look. She mentioned it herself that she is referrencing Donatella Versace.

  21. I feel like if Daya goes into All Stars, production might put Crystal and her together and do a whole storyline of Daya growing out of Crystal's shadow or something

  22. Absolutely love the saw blade has static and the direction it went for this Runway first thing I think of in honesty if the puppet from the Saw horror movies was a drag queen so delicious


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