Propagate Plants Like a Pro! How to Build the Best Frame for Taking Clones and Rooting Cuttings

If you want to learn how to build the most successful plant propagation frame in existence then you’ve got to get this video. I teach you, step by step, how to build the best plant propagation frame you’ve ever used. Take clones and root your cuttings with up to 90% success rates. Taking clones and rooted cuttings will be easy with this system and propagating plants will be exciting and fun all over again!

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  1. If you can't buy this program, it may be that your operating system isn't compatible with all aspects of YouTube. I've found that with some Apple systems the purchasing button isn't available. If you've found this is true for you then try ordering on a PC or from a different browser. Don't give up, this program has been selling well and the buy button is working great in most systems/browsers but there are a few exceptions and Apple/Mac products seem to be the exception. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  2. How did you connect a misting system to the propagation frame. That was not covered in the video. I live in southeastern North Carolina and begin taking cuttings in June. Misting is a must in my situation. I understand that the heating system is designed to continue propagating in the fall and winter. I still would like to know how to keep the frames misted.

  3. Hi Mike, I have been inspired by your free youtube videos in the past three years. Thank you! I believe this paid one worth every penny. Looking forward to more valuable videos from you. Cheers!

  4. Hi Mike, I bought your system and I love it! I thank you for spreading your passion with the rest of us! I used cables instead of using the system you use, and I'm wondering if the top of the soil is to feel warm, because mine doesn't. I probably have about 8 inches of pine bark mulch on top of the cables, and filled it up to where you said. I know it's warmer down by the cables, but I wonder if it's a problem that the top layers of pine bark aren't as warm. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! -Dan

  5. I have clicked the buy button several times and it just keeps going back to this video. Is the problem with the iPad YouTube app, or something else?

  6. Hi Mike.Love the video.I am in UK and in my seventies and going to build one of these,mainly for fuchias geranium dalia lavender ect.thanks again Alan/Jim,

  7. For a moment there I thought you were a genuinely helpful source! Seems to me having seen this video that you are just after our money like everyone else. Oh well. I will keep researching. Make money selling plants – share ideas for free to help further the cause!

  8. Thank you so much for this Mike! $10.00 is a small price to pay for all the great information you provide. I'm thrilled to have stumbled on your channel and look forward to getting started!!!

  9. Hi Mike. I have been watching all your free videos and have been fascinated. I keep trying to order this video by clicking on the link and it just keeps restarting the preview. I have tried it with an Android phone and windows 10 laptop with Firefox and Chrome. Nothing seems to open it. Is there another link to click on besides the one on the preview video? HELP! Thanks in advance.

  10. Hey Mike! I've take three cuttings from my Hydrangea and put rooting compound on them, put them in miracle grow potting soil, then i put them in my greenhouse with a zip lock bag over them on a heating mat. Do you think this will work and how long do you think it'll take them to root?

  11. Mike, I need your help. I have some seedlings coming soon and also I am looking to start propagating some Rhododendrons of my own to eventually plant in a wooded area behind my property that I’ve started to clean out. want to build your propagation box that you boast so much about but can’t seem to get it anywhere. I will pay you for your plans if that’s the case. Please email me at [email protected]

  12. Hi Mike, I've been to your site and cannot afford the membership currently… but I'd still like to purchase the nearing frame video. Can that be done?

  13. After seeing the comments on the price of this video, I have a question. What about value? How much is this information worth to you. Will it save you time? Will this information allow you to avoid mistakes? In time and money, how much does this information really cost? For many, the value the information contained in this video could be considered priceless. Just because its free, it doesn't mean its worthless. Just because it cost, it doesn't mean its ascheme.

  14. I've been watching all of your videos and I'm thinking of buying these ones. I am wondering if you plan to add any more content in the future to the paid membership area of your site? Thank you for your dedication and lively and approachable way of teaching.


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