Priya Exposes The Truth To Ram | Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 | Mon – Fri At 8:00 PM

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  1. आज का इंसान अपने दुख से इतना दुखी नहीं है जितना दूसरों के सुख से दुखी है । दूसरे को सुखी देखकर जिस इंसान को दुख होता है ऐसा इंसान कभी जिंदगी में सुखी हो ही नहीं सकता । 🌷 Sangita 🌷

  2. Dear जो भी इस बक्त मेरा कॉमेंट पढ़ रहा / रही है हम सब एक दूसरे के लिए अंजान है फिर भी में भगवन से प्रार्थना • करती हूं के आपके लाइफ में कोई टेंशन चल रहे हो वो दूर हो जाए और आप हमेशा खुश रहे।🤗😊n.

  3. ""One of the best things about dude is that he never takes credit for himself when he achieves something. He always respect us, the audience, and his team, and he is always polite in all of his video❤️🤗cx

  4. जिन्दगी में इतना बड़ा बन जाओ की अपने माता पिता की हर ख्वाहिश पूरी कर सको !!!!❤️❤️.

  5. I think Ram is angry in the same time he is concern about her health and hence he wants her to go to her Mom’s place for rest. He will settle down, calm down and visit her in Mera maa’s house. We saw some BTS of Ram and Priya in her mom’s place. It’s really very high voltage drama. We need some calm raya moments of they spending some time together. Writter shld think in these lines too rather than these both only sticking on some or other family matters…

  6. English Translation:-
    Ram:- Priya, What is in your heart? Will you tell me? Why are you quiet? Tell me what happened to you? Tell me?
    Priya:- My kidnapping!
    Ram: Kidnapping?
    Priya:- Yes! I was kidnapped!
    Ram:- When? How?
    Priya:- Some thugs had kidnapped me and told me to tell you to stop this investigation and if I won't do so they can fo anything, they can even murder me! That rash on my hand….
    Priya:- …was not because of the bangle… That was because of the ropes and nails, by which I got hurt… when I was trying to escape from those thugs. Mr Kapoor, This proves that the manager was lying… Every word that he was saying was a lie! Your father was not a criminal someone else is the criminal… who had kidnapped me! Because there's no other reason of kidnapping!
    Krish:- Priya is saying right, Ram! She was Kidnapped!
    Ram:- You know all this thing?
    Priya:- Mr Kapoor, This is not important now for….
    Ram:- I don't want to talk to you Priya! Vikrant, Are you free? Go with Priya and leave her at home…Meera Ma's Home!!
    The end!

  7. I m happy that at least in Ekta Kapoor s drama the truth is confessed very quick n no misunderstandings like other drama husband wife misunderstands truth comes out after ages like after 10 yrs leap.

  8. Rams frustration and anger is justified. He told Priya that she should not endanger her life still she did . Ram came to know the truth when he himself is devastated.. Ram is angry bcos Priya did not tell him and another krish knew about it . But actually Priya did not share the kidnapping news with krish as her best friend or something . She shared because he being investigator he should know that it was not a murder . But Ram misunderstands. But Priya has to understand that she alone can’t take all decisions but has to involve Ram in her decisions . Anyway this anger would lead to better Raya future bcos Ram can’t be upset with Priya for long time … Hope so things are well soon and later Priya to not hide anything from Ram whatever May be the reason ..Priya should know this side of Rams too . Hope they reconcile soon and Priya realises that Ram ko bhi takkeef hoti hai jaise usse hoti hai…
    What an amazing actor NM is …. Wow….

  9. Actually Ram & Priya were talking . Krish should not have said anything… Aisa thodi hai that Ram is not trusting that Priya was kidnapped ke krish ko certificate dena pade . Poor Ram … Abhi kidnapping news he can’t digest . Another shock that krish knew about it . He could have known that krish knew about it but later … It would have been fine ..Even Rams friends were quiet … But Krish had to speak in between

  10. Priya should not treat ram as take it for granted…. whatever she did ram always support. … that's why she always hide things from ram. Whatever happened she should explain ram at that time only.Now it's too late.Hiding is not a solution for all problems.Absolutely priya deserves his anger!!!

  11. Excited For This Episode Husband Wife mein Thodi Si Jealousy,Anger Or Cutee Nokjhok😍Iss Se Hi Toh Pyaar Badhta Hai😍Ram Is Very Possesive & Caring About Priya😘♥️Ram Naraz Hai Priya Ko Mana na Padhega😍😍

  12. Ram being angry is justified as kidnapping is a big thing, but still he knows his wife need rest and send her to her own house. Hope there will be raya momemt when go there to bring his wife back.

  13. I know why he wants to change his will bcoz he fears that something happen to Priya.. That's y he wants to bear everything and protect Priya and his family members

  14. I think he is angry becoz he concerned about her health… At the same time she didn't share the important thing so he feels like a fool… I hope Priya will apologize and calm him 😍

  15. In this promo Ram’s behavioural change from inquisition to concern to feeling bad and then to anger happened so beautifully and flawlessly… Amazing job here NM …

  16. Disha and nakuul nailed this scene oh my god ram is angry and it's ok but i think priya was also not wrong i mean she did not wanted that if ram will get to know about her kidnapping so he will close the case somehow she also wants criminal to be out ……. Guys chill i think so Priya will apologies and her love confessions i think so and after leap may come but excited……
    the second thought is ram is quite jealous of Krish but that's completely okh i feel like disha and nakuul and the entire star cast has created some magic in #balh 2# it seems like something is going real like hats off to the entire team and the people behind them 💓
    Team victory for #raya #nasha

  17. Relationship me thodi jealousy, nokjhok zaroori hei puri lamba nahi kichna chaiye. Couple ki ladai me third party misunderstanding create karne ka mauka nahi chorte.

  18. Husband wife me nok jhok and fight, all are normal but is angle ko raya separation ki tarf na le jaye like typical Ekta kapoor serials…. My fears😔😔

  19. If Priya felt, Ram might stop investigating if he comes to know about kidnapping, she should have talked out of him. He would have had strong reason to investigate and some strangers like Managers would not have manipulated him. But tats too late now. Priya gets to learn something atleast with this twist.
    As many of us had guessed, these plot might take us to Priya confessions.

  20. i feel Ram said for Priya's safety … after knowing the truth about her kidnapping he is worried … and ofcourse jealous too but I feel said that only for Priya's safety

  21. Kl k episode disha ki acting was superb wo episode ki starting se hi sick lag rhi thi faint hui toh she was natural aisa nhi laga acting h nakul or disha ne apni acting se dil jeet liy kya marvellous super acting h balh2 ko hit ho hi gaya


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