Preventing Suicide: What Families Need to Know

In teenagers, suicide is the second most common cause of death. Kathleen Gilligan, a mother who lost her son to suicide, and Dr. Molly Adrian, share their tips for recognizing warning signs and preventing suicide in children and teens.

If you or someone you know is currently in crisis, please use the resources below:
– Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255
– Text HOME to 741741 (Crisis Textline)

For more resources from Seattle Children’s department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine, please visit

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  1. Mental health should be a big thing in school but it isn't and it's crazy that other subjects like poetry , algebra ect. Are focused on way more than mental health and suicide prevention. This needs to change

  2. I use the suicide prevention line often for myself. I use the online chat and it helps me so much. Whenever i feel like acting on my thoughts, i go to my computer and start to talk to a counselor. If you are in danger or have suicidal thoughts, go to the prevention website and call someone or use the chat. You can also text STAY to 741-741 if you need to. I haven’t told my parents but i feel like I should just because i think i need therapy to help me and im only 12 so i cant get therapy without my parents help

  3. Securing dangerous things does not and should not give you any sense of security. As a current survivor I can HONESTLY tell you that if someone wants to end their life there is ALWAYS a way. TALK TO THEM. LET THEM KNOW THEY ARE ACCEPTED AND THERE IS SOMEONE WHO CARES ABOUT THEM AND WOULD BE DESTROYED IF ANYTHING HAPPENED TO THEM!!!! It is probably one of the most important things I could say

  4. To the 1% who reads this
    Your skin isn't paper, don't cut it

    Your face isn't a mask, don't cover it

    Your body isn't a book, dont judge it

    Your life isn't a movie, don't end it

    Your heart isn't a door, don't lock it

    You're beautiful💓

    Be you…

    Now please spread this message to the other 99%

  5. One time my friend lied to me that she was cutting and she wanted to kill herself. Me and with her other friends went to go tell someone and they checked her she had nothing and she said she lied so we would give her attention. It broke my heart because these things aren't something to joke about. I was in shock I never had anyone close to me commit but I know its a real thing and even tho I know this hasn't happened to me doesn't mean it will stay that way and I wanna make sure it stays that way because no matter what you have done in the past you or whatever your going through you are still worth it and there are so many people that love you and they miss you so much❤

  6. school and family are the two most things that cause me stress
    i’m lazy and hopeless, i have no motivation
    my wish is just to grow up, have my own job, my kid, a house and live happily without any social problem.

  7. Not always asking will get you the real answer. When I was younger, I was really high risk.. I never told anyone, because I was scared they would get mad at me. Along with the fact I got threatened to be thrown in the psych ward(I’ve been many times, even went to Seattle children’s before.). So, asking might not help. I’d suggest just giving tools to help them get better, such as counseling. Take away sharps and things that can be used to harm themselves. Get a lock box. Those work best. Always be open. Don’t get mad at them for expressing emotions. Help them find a healthy way to let them out. Idk these are just suggestions. I’ve struggled with suicidal ideation my whole life. These are just things that I would think helps a bit. Just being open and creating a relationship where they feel safe and like they can trust you. I never could trust my parents. So. Yeah, if you want to help them. Let it be known, but don’t smother them.


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