Presenter speaks to leopard – Ingenious Animals: Episode 2 Preview – BBC One

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Watch the BBC first on iPlayer 👉 Programme website: Clouded leopards are beautiful, and very affectionate towards big cat expert Giles Clark.

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  1. snow leopards and clouded leopards both have beautiful tails! But it would be cool if humans have the colors, patterning, Bushyness tail of the snow leopard and prehensile tails if they spider monkey!

  2. I live in Malaysia.. My home near the forest.. One day, there is some noisy in my backyard n when i go out to see what going there,i saw a pair of cloud was so beautiful creature n so friendly even they from the wild.. I saw it for 1st time n last time because later it dont come to my house anymore.. I am worried what happen to them..


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