Premium Rush

When a New York City bicycle messenger picks up an envelope at Columbia University, a dirty cop becomes desperate to get his hands on it and chases the messenger throughout the city.

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  1. What is stopping the millions of fighting age men and woman from fighting to make their own countries great for once instead of fleeing like cowards to the USA?

  2. Great to watch young people actually working and they are good at it! Their services are useful compared to government paper shuffling bureaucrats who do nothing but needlessly complicate our lives.

  3. David And The Writers Got This Rode Trip Riding With A Ridiculously Whirl Of Fun And A Whole Lot Of Drama Cause This Script Was Beautifully Written And Oh What A Ride It Was! Yeah! Yeah!

  4. A great story with some fabulous acting. So much action with a terrific sense of humor. Only in NY, NY a person can have so much fun working….Thanks for sharing your cutest story with us.

  5. poorly written story …. they just do this story to piss people off …. he got 1 hour left and he been riding like 2 hours and then he returned it back to his office ….. how stupid is the writers ….. he have to delivered by 7 …. what they thinking …. cops killing people in the streets …. riders running away from cops and not stopping …. tell me this isn't a stupid story …. girl living in NY and have alot of money and no one rob her …. it's unheard of ….. anyways it's a very stupid story …. and after seeing this kind of movie ….. i want all bicycles to get hit the way they ride ….. it's ridiculous


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