Power The World This Holiday Season | Linkin Park

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  1. omg!!!that so cool that you guys want to help,,and by getting other people to help..people of Haiti will get the lightballs… 😀 YOU ROCK!! <3

  2. These guys are so amazing and it makes you want to help. Their music is out of this world (don't argue with me on that), they care about helping others and actually DO something to help, not just sponsor this, that and the other … they go to the places, they plant trees and build houses and so much more!
    What more could you ask from your idols?

  3. LP RULES and You guys are the best because you are helping the world and of course you take care of all human being I LIKE YOUR MUSIC LIKE IF U WILL LISTEN LP TILL 202222222

  4. thanks for what you have been doing for our world
    proud of being a fan of Linkin Park
    you guys do make us a better life within a better world
    thanks a lot

  5. I'm a very very very proud Linkin Park soldier. LP is really not just a band, they're much more then that. I love how they care about their fans and how they try to change the world. I'm going to love this band forever-3

  6. @analyseforu You know what I just realized after I read this comment and saw that there were 4 likes? I'm almost certain that YouTube hires trolls to go to every video and dislike.

  7. im not hating or enything i LOVE THIS BAND but if its solar how are they going to turn them on at night…….. i mean its powered by the sun right?

  8. Who the fuck disliked this? Do they not like the people in Haiti who are suffering and having worse times than the fucks who disliked this?!?!?!?!? Fuck LP haters and Haiti haterz.

    I LOVE YA CHESTER : ) and MIKE! 🙂


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  10. One of the very few socially conscious bands on the scene today. Thankfully there are a few who use their notoriety to do something positive…not just buying expensive cars are bottles of courvoisier.

  11. I fucking love you guys. Your music helped me through so much when I was younger and I love the direction your music is going and I love how much more people your helping and I cannot wait for the new album.

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