Power The World – Give Light | Linkin Park

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  1. is it a lack to have no electricity? no! know that living in harmony with earth and nature includes when the sun is knot visible that the heavenly celestrial bodies are seen if one is staying up
    babies and enfants playing violent wargames is knot helping things…you are so more intelligent than to think to promote more of the same commercialism…
    alternative technology does knot support paving the earth over for gps moved about persons who have knot one ability to self reliance in nature

  2. You really think these guys did this commercial for free, lol. Give light. You donate 10 dollars to some jackasses and they send someone a 10 cent light? Why dont we just buy our own fucking lights and send it ourselves. How clever.. No offense LP i know you just in it for the money.

  3. @iwanaGoFast2010 WOW your sad you know that. They care for people. You know how easy they can do this. Unlike you some people actually give a damn for others. why don't you send some lights to africa or win an award for helping the word and then maybe i might just listen to you or anyone might just listen to you.

  4. @2kagomelover12 lol sorry i cant stop laughing at you XD … solar powered light can store power in the day and then it can be switched on at night. just saying.

  5. ?Phoenix ^^
    Every time i see one of your vid's… You impress me more and more !!!
    Your music is AWESOME, your help for the planet is so COOL and you are an amazing and by God sent Band !

  6. I can't imagine how this video have just 23k views and some tarded JB video have 50+ milions… That is sooooo pathetic and lame.. I am sry if I insulted someone with this comment but that is just.. Sad and true…

  7. @iwanaGoFast2010 Problem with your theory is that a regular light bulb is just going to burn out.

    The possible problem with their solution is that a solar-powered light won't work in all situations. Like, when there's no sun. Unless it can store electricity during the day, but even then there's cloudy/rainy days, so who knows.

  8. i love how linkin park actually helps people out like haiti and in japan and stuff, their not like other artists that talk about money and are lazy sluts that dont do anything

  9. How can some people dislike this video. Some stupid pop shit commercial "music" fan who understand that lp are generous and think about people less fortunate, not like their guys who keeps all the money for them and only make albums to make money. Hey, they only want you to pay, aha. Return listen your crappy music.

  10. Light Pollution is killing out nights!! I lived with no electricity..wtf..it wasn't dark! there are solar powered lights, karosene lights, Candles! I studied after dark, and survived without electricity! allow some places to remain Natural Please! For the love of Earth!

  11. why would someone dislike a thing that is changing poor people live.hope you all that disliked didnt knew english or the hell will be waiting for you guys

  12. they're moving the light bulbs to play around at the end haha, and really? did they have to play that's "My December" THey're playing so they can make us sad to donate, yes I'm sad but i can't give money. I love you LINKIN PARK!! Bourdon,n Phoenix was these peepz!

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  14. Ok, I get the point, but really? 10 dollars? How's that gonna save all these hungry people? And a light bulb? Come on guys, the people at the foundation really need to step their game. And what's up with playing "My December" in the background? I mean I love the song but seriously? No offense but this is such a lame attempt at "helping the world" to me. Ya'll can do so much better than this.


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