Positron Emission Tomography | PET

The goal of the video you’re about to see is to describe the procedure for conducting nuclear medicine tests using positron emission tomography, commonly called PET scans. The video will show you the equipment used and provide you with information about the test procedure.

Important messages
– Positron emission tomography (PET)
– PET scan procedure
– After your nuclear medicine test
– Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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  1. Video is focusing on basic things, but people looking for deep theory of PET, i am looking for theoretical (deep technical) theory, but your video showing only candy and bla bla bla ☹️

  2. Can one have a sedative for the procedure? And what if common sedatives like Benzodiazepines cease to work? – Will have a FDG PET Scan in order to confirm/outrule Fatal (familial) insomnia. No joke 🙁

  3. The speaker does not know how to pronounce METASTASIS. The way speaker pronounces METASTASIS, sounds like he is trying to say, "testicles." Where did this guy come from? What is his daytime job ? ? ? Supermarket checker ? ? ? Gardener ? ? ? Golf caddy ? ? ? Why is it that he cannot pronounce metastasis ? ? ? What a stupid jerk.

  4. Okay, now I am at the six minute time point of this video, and I discovered that the idiot speaker does not know how to pronounce INTESTINES. What a dumb jerk this speaker his. What is his daytime job ? Pimp ? ? ? Laundry-tag sticker-on person who works in a laundry ? ? ? Homeless vagrant ? ? ? Doorman at a theater ? ? ? Why is this speaker such as stupid idiot ? ? ? It is my guess that the entire script was read by a machine that uses artificial intelligence (A.I.). I have learned over the past few years, that A.I. really stands for, "artificial idiocy."

  5. This is misleading, the side effects are but not limited too:

    Side effects are including nausea, vomiting, headache, itching, flushing, and mild rash. In rare cases, a serious, all-body allergic reaction known as anaphylaxis may occur.

  6. You will not glow in the dark 😂 LOL Hhahahah This Myth.
    After Nuclear Medicine Test you will not need light anymore.

    Thanks To YouTube For Recommending This Great Video To Me After 6years.


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