Porsche 935 K3 Gets Electrified | Jay Leno’s Garage the TV Show

Bisimoto Engineering has given this Porsche superpowers thanks to a modified Tesla unit. Take a look at this clip, exclusively here on the Jay Leno’s Garage YouTube channel.

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Porsche 935 K3 Gets Electrified| Jay Leno’s Garage the TV Show

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Comment (414)

  1. I've done a couple ground-up cars (Google Kimini and Midlana), and have thought about doing an EV sports car. BUT, by the time you add everything up, it's very expensive. It's not just the batteries and motor, because the controller has to be full custom so that Tesla doesn't remote-brick it. Then you need a flat dash to talk to the controller. By the time it's all done, there's at least $20K in used and new parts just in the drivetrain, never mind everything else. So for now, I'm still searching. Oh, and if I build something, I promise not to destroy/ruin any rare/expensive car 🙂

  2. A 935, seriously, an EV 935. What the actual is the world coming to. Who could possibly think that the sound of an 935 on song could ever be bettered by a battery, a battery. Enough with all this damned electrification of classics. This is nothing more than an abomination and an a front to every right thinking petrolhead in the world. VIVA ICE forever

  3. And California can't provide enough electricity now for people to get in out of heat and enjoy the air conditioning. Leno seems to brag about his $270,000.00 dollar car.

  4. I just love how German Car companies think.
    "Forget about zee guy who's owned our brand all his life! We've found a Schwatza, and you know zair good for advertising on zie Instagram und zah Twitter mit de kids."
    What idiots.
    Jay, thanks for having on real engineering genius. The other guy?
    Would have loved to see you behind the wheel again, and heard your thoughts on it, a year later.

  5. Appliances in the home are basically AC driven with control circuits powdered by DC converted from the AC line source. Electric stoves run AC to the heating elements for the most part, washing machines usually have AC drive motors, dryers have AC to the heater elements and motors. That DC to DC charger actually has AC as it primary power supply. The difference is the power running through the cable is DC as the current is converted prior to the connection instead of after the connection. Doing that does allow less parts to be installed on the vehicle however.

  6. Ah, um, in USA most appliances like the laundry cloths dryer shown in the demo get ac power from the house outlet and "run" (heating element and blower motor) on ac. There are always power losses in converting ac to dc power (rectification) so unless there were some overriding advantage (cost or performance) to having the loss, no reason to have the whole appliance run on dc. However appliances have a tiny transformer to convert ac 120 vac house power to about 5 vdc for the digital display and controls. You might be suprised to know that Tesla motors all run on ac! Hey, it could NOT be named after Mr ac Nichola Tesla if it wasn't driven by ac variable frequency drives and motors. With ac motors the way you vary the motor rpms is vary the input frequency, so there is an inverter (with some power losses) in the car to convert battery dc to variable frequency for the drive motors. They also have an on board rectifier (some losses) to enable battery charging from ac house power. The rate at which the battery can charge is limited by how much power the house circuit can provide, so it makes no sense to have a larger onboard battery charger capable of faster charging if the house circuits are the limiting factor. On the other hand an external specially designed dc charging station (which obviously rectifies ac power from the utility grid and has losses) can be built to charge the battery at what ever rate is optimal and it's size and characteristics are really governed by the car's battery itself.

  7. Jay I hope you are reading. Your videos require more mandatory ads that cannot be skipped than other car channels I watch. It's just not worth it. I will now unsubscribe from your channel and stop watching. Yes you can change it. talk to your boss — Youtube and Google

  8. I would love to see an extended episode of this and I love busy I followed him since he did that Honda minivan I thought he said it was for his wife? I could be wrong but I remember when that came out it was awesome and still is …Bisi is amazing he needs more recognition

  9. I have access to used 25kw CHADEMO Chargers. Will go for what the market will bear. While CHADEMO is the BETA of vehicle charging they are still useful and robust. Also easier in the aftermarket to implement.

  10. 1st i thought yea great shape, quick car,

    but nect month you are in a mask

    covid ain here from 19 but from 1600

    but now back to porsch..

    idk why, gov will claim out of no where, covod is here,

    they have milions vacs

    so you normal ppl must take it

    me ,, im willing to take a fake shoot


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