Poltergeist (1982)

http://www.hbomax.com A typical family in a quiet suburb of a normal California faces a frightening ordeal when its home is invaded by a Poltergeist. Late one night, 10-year-old Carol Anne Freeling (Heather O’Rourke) hears a voice coming from inside the television set … At first, the spirits that invade the Freelings’ home seem like playful children. But then they turn angry. And when Carol Anne is pulled from this world into another, Steve and Diane Freeling (Craig T. Nelson and JoBeth Williams–In the Land of Women) turn to an exorcist (Zelda Rubinstein) in this horror classic from director Tobe Hooper (Texas Chainsaw Massacre films) and producer and screenwriter Steven Spielberg.

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  1. Plot hole : Why weren't the other houses haunted if the entire subdivision was a cemetery, and they did not move any of the bodies. I guess they plugged that hole in Part 2.

  2. Oh my God I remember back in the '80s when I went to go see that with me and my brother and all my cousins we went to go see it at AMC Theater up in City of Industry California and back then it was only like only back in the 80s it was like only like a dollar 5250 to get in to the theater and that was at the AMC La Puente Hills Mall theater I remember seeing it and yes I do have the Clown the actual prop from the movie what the script and everything signed by the cast and it's very much haunted I have a display to my house right now in Phoenix yeah it's up the clown is up but it cannot be touched by human hands it always has to be Spritz with high water before I put it back and it's case and I have to recite a prayer that's why it won't haunt my house.

  3. watching this in 2022 what a classic scary movie i watched this when it first came out one my favorites but feel sorry for the little girl in real life i heard the cast had a curse from the show

  4. This movie and "Fire In The Sky" absolutely traumatized me as a kid, and it was great! One of the best ghost/paranormal movies of all time. The sequel is pretty good too, but the 3rd one, not so much.

  5. From an effects standpoint, this film is among the gold standard of how films should be made, with less cgi as possible. Hollywood needs to get back to that. Great practical effects have become something of a lost art these days.

  6. After all of the crap that poor family went through , how could they spend one last night in that house as if nothing seemed to have happened at all? I don't care how clean that little Ole lady said the house was , I'd be sleeping in the front yard or out of town.

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  8. Honestly if you guys don’t believe Steven Spielberg directed this movie, you’re absolutely out of your minds! This movie has Spielberg all over it! Plus they filmed this & E.T around very similar time frames. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tobe couldn’t finish filming, but I can assure everything from the beginning and the climax to the end was touched by Steven.

  9. Fools if y'all think poltergeist activity doesn't happen. It sure does
    Been happening around here for a while. Old farmhouse built in 1710. Literally has its own graveyard on the property, historical registered. Things happening. For sure. In fact the last name of the original owners is our maiden name. Remax real estate people showed us the folder. It's real. Spirit world influences a lot

  10. Saw this at the movies w/my dad I was about 11 scared me to death especially the scene of the steak moving across the counter!! RIP Heather O'Rourke 🙏🏼 🕊 and Dominique Dunn

  11. I was six yrs. Old when this came out, just don't have horror movies like this no more. Of course I didn't see it til about 10 yrs. Old, we were poor no tv for like over 4 yrs.

  12. I never realized how funny this movie is with the dialog and character interactions before and in-between the spooky spectacle. Plus, having seen Lifeforce and Invaders from Mars numerous time throughout my life (this is, amazingly, my first real sit down for Poltergeist), I have the confident feeling that this is more Tobe Hooper's film than Spielberg's even if said Steven had to take over in post.

  13. I didn't notice when I first saw the movie—which was when it first came out—but I've never seen so much Star Wars paraphernalia……..not even in a Star Wars film. Makes me think Lucas had something on Spielberg at the time.

  14. it's been a long time since I've watched this movie 🙄 and it was really good! 😁 but my experience of moving usually put the beds in first, they had way too many pictures on the wall!, the bathroom still had a lot of stuff in it so unless they planned on me being it! they did a really bad job of making it look like they were going to be leaving that night anyway 😂 but all in all a great movie!

  15. This was one of Spielberg's early attempts at movie making, while he was still trying to learn his craft. This film made money, but was simply not that good as a horror show. It's silly and overcooked, with screaming and crying that gets boring fast. Spielberg was simply trying too hard. Compare this with Psycho and Halloween. Those were made for grown-ups.

  16. I related to this movie a lot as a kid. I lived in a 115 year old farmhouse, so my house had all sorts of weird nooks and crannies. There was also a field outside my window that was being tilled and a really frightening dump truck was always right outside my window at night. Being a kid I always had nightmares of the truck smashing my windows like the tree did. I probably shouldn't have been watching this movie anyways. 😅

  17. You kind of respect the strength of the family for pulling through this …. until they spend one more night in the house with the father gone and working late, the kids sleeping in the same room and the mother telling them to tuck themselves in…. while she colors her hair. WTF?!?!?

  18. This was in pretty heavy rotation for our movie rentals back in the day.
    It was good to see it again and remember that time of the mid 80s.
    The subtle humor is pretty good!
    Thank you for posting this!

  19. This movie is based on a true story. And speaking as a professional paranormal researcher/investigator/exorcist, I tell you all of a truth, this sort of paranormal activity DOES and often happen. The supernatural is real, just as there are angels and demons, Heaven and hell


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