Police video shows rescue of kidnap victim bound by chains

Newly released video shows New Mexico police officers stopping a van that was wanted in connection with a Nevada kidnapping and then finding a woman bound by chains in the back of the vehicle. KRQE-TV’s Rebecca Atkins reports.

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Comment (339)

  1. Amazing grace has been used for creepy effect so many times I literally can’t hear it without being creeped out now.

  2. The Devil runs this world and getting worse
    2 Tim 3:1-5 In the Last days there will be difficult times. People will be selfish, greedy, cruel, violent, uncompassionate, no remorse/conscious, ungodly, hypocritical.

  3. See the footage can be used against him like " does this look like a man who is sorry? San who regrets his actions? Smiling into the camera with no remorse?" Its happened

  4. yea we dont like sophia for what she did but using this as an excuse to be transphobic and misgender her is just embarrassing stop being such incels

  5. cases like that needs to be handed over to the feds so they can be put on trial with no plea deal and the punishment is death. do that because not all states have the death penalty. the feds do have and use it.

  6. death sentence for kidnappers/killers/rapists will be a great choice of punishment to this kind of people. dont waste taxes on those guys medications and food.

  7. Singing Amazing Grace while in that song it says…

    I was once lost and now found.

    Yeah found to be a monster. I'm surprised the Bible is not burning his hands.

  8. Great ploy to set up a crazy defense.

    Here's where the establishment gets it wrong…Crazy adults & kids don't plan nor plot. I don't care what psy say. I've bn observing them for 30 yrs, when the psy go hm & when they tk no one is listening or watching.

    In fact, the fakers tell me we don't lk you. We cannot figure you out. How do you know we're faking?

    Instead, the truly imbalanced ones react impulsively & are opportunistic when some stimuli peaks their interest or psy.

    Predators & criminal plan & plot over time & select their victims & locales with specific intent.


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