Polar bears smash the spy cams – Polar Bear: Spy On The Ice – BBC One

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The polar bears of Svalbard cannot help their curiousity when they encounter some new technolgy – spy cameras! Narrated by David Tennant.

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  1. Watched a video the other day saying bears sleep with bum and back up it is the thickest fur, and nose tucked in between front arms so when they breath it keeps them warm! Kinda of cool seeing the cub doing it.

  2. Самка очень худая 🙄
    Могли бы вместо камеры положить в шар рыбы 🐟, чтобы были рады и не умерли от голодной смерти 😳

  3. I did not sign a release-form 🙅 no filming me our my children,,, 🙀,,, I never agreed 2 be in one of your stupid reality tv-shows like (Survivor) lol lol lol

  4. What if there are some people that are actually spy humans and we just don’t know. Maybe their annoying dickheads so it can invoke the best reactions out of us for entertainment purposes.

  5. What's more funny is that someone has to film and control the cameras, I can imagine then going "Oh bugger" when they get destroyed, then have to wait for the bears to leave to salvage what is left

  6. BBC at its best. Those who want to destroy the BBC for political reasons, will destroy the making of world beating programmes such as this. No one buys a TV license to watch the news!

  7. They move way too much and too quickly not to attract attention. Even my cat wouldn't be able to ignore that, never mind a wild predator.

  8. blame global warming on the ignorance of world leaders, and people in general. BBC not doing its part. how do you replace fossil fuels?
    deforestation leads to a drop in oxygen levels, which lowers rainfall – water is composed of oxygen!
    Iceland is a source of unlimited geothermal energy – that can be converted to hydrogen & oxygen gases. you can power vehicles with hydrogen gas. oxygen gas can be used to burn garbage – for more energy. the filtration of fine particulate can be captured via centrifugal filtration. hydrogen electric vehicles – utilizing super capacitors. the capacitors allows the combustion engine (hydrogen gas combustion) to be smaller than it otherwise would be – as is seen on hybrid vehicles, with small engine displacements & super capacitors.
    trains & high speed trains can be powered via hydrogen gas.
    wind turbines can be made to be pneumatic versions; transferring high pressure air to hydrogen gas electrolysis plants – less copper; which is very, very expensive, and precious, now.
    geothermal plants can be made near tectonic plate intersections i.e. the Rocky Mountains. but – nothing is being done! – forest fires are burning longer, hotter, more frequently. the problem is worsening at an exponential rate now – that is very clear to those who are paying attention.
    it's as if the world-leaders expect the problem to 'go-away'…! – turn lemons into lemonade; get to it! – a world full of ignorance.
    CEO's aren't paying attention either. it's a disaster that's quickly occurring.

  9. Why when animals in nature are just minding there business..it's always the heathens coming to disturb there peace 🧐… Leave them alone!!!

  10. Yes please tell idiotic mankind to stop killing all the Leppard seals for greed and $money 💰 so the polar bears won't starve and have something too eat" and stop blaming everything on global whining.


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