Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Part 1

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My first ever playthrough of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond begins now!
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  1. i got this when it came out and me and my brother already have 4 hours in it. and i got a shiny statue already as my first statue which i thought was hilarious

  2. Apparently Brilliant Diamond doesn't like giving you good natures for Pokemon. I got 6 Zubats in a row who had a nature that was -Atk or -Spd. Then again, when I finally got one that did work, I got an Adamant Zubat, which is pretty good. So my luck has been really good or really bad. lol

  3. Talk to the old couple in floarama town to get mew and jirachi, if you have Pikachu/evee and sword/shield save data respectively
    For your underground base, go and talk to the underground man, complete a few simple sidequests, get a digger drill and make a base
    Interact with the orb to place a statue

  4. Did you know that when you get a random encounter, if the camera points over to you before showing the wild Pokémon, it means that the Pokémon you’re getting has it’s hidden ability

  5. I have spent hours in the underground mining then I found out the old dude teaches you everything through challenges. I still haven’t looked at all the caves but it’s my current fave place to waste time and train my Pokémon. I kept running into level 27 – 29 with only level 22 pokemon

  6. That old couple gives you Mew and Jirachi for free. You need SW/SH save data on your Switch for Jirachi and Let's Go for Mew. I was contemplating getting these games for Mew (one of the few Pokemon I have never owned but wanted) but I do not have the Let's Go games so that kills it for me.

  7. Can someone explain why EVERY 3D Pokemon game is required is have this washed out color scheme? Why does Gamefreak like that so much? I see so many Nintendo games with vibrant colors…heck, the 2D Pokemon games had more vibrant color.

  8. You know when he said "you can't play pokemon without a hat!" Well I am wearing a Pikachu Hoodie in bdsp and it doesn't have a hat in the clothing set so……


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