Pleasantville (1998) In this modern fairy tale an entire fictional town is granted a chance to experience the comedies and dangers of real life when two late 20th Century teenagers accidentally bring living color to a mysterious suburb trapped in a black-and-white ’50s utopia–and set off a revolution.

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  1. This movie is awesome even aside from Spider man being in it. It truly captures the aspect of the 50s and the fact that even though it looks pretty we wouldn鈥檛 want to live their forever.

  2. One thing that bugs me about this movie is how do they even have a school sports team? If nothing exists outside of Pleasantville, who are these other teams that they face and where are they from? lol

  3. I get it, dude. Modern life is tiresome, depressing and complicated. But you鈥檙e longing for a fantasy world that never existed anywhere. And of course I鈥檓 right there with you. Thanks to Donna Reed and Patty Duke, I have a serious 50s fetish. 馃ズ

  4. This movie is a brilliant social commentary on so-called polite society, taking clever jabs at racism, classism and divisive politics in general. And it does this all so subtly that you almost don鈥檛 even notice.

  5. Great movie! Love it. Especially cool to me, because I'm into the antique electronics hobby, including vintage black & white tube tv's. I remember my father using those broadcast test patterns to adjust the family tv picture occasionally. If I remember right, up into late 60's early 70's, those patterns where broadcast either early in the morning or late at night. The work uniforms. Another time and another world. Reliable TV!

  6. `Paul Walker! I liked the movie. The ending was meh! Like, so her husband just disappeared, poofed and the guy from the diner is sitting next to her? Did he die? Go get a Stepford Wife?

  7. I've always loved this movie, but watching this time i had a different take. I always felt like everyone else, how they changed everything for the better. But did they, really? Before they showed up, the poeple didnt know any better to be happy, or sad or have any real emotions at all for that matter. I get the fact its better to feel "be alive" then to not feel…but maybe its just because Im going though maybe the worst time in my life, which I wont get into on youtube. But I'm in a really dark awful place, financially, emotionally, everything has crashed in my life, and I'm basically alone and almost penniless, and got sick over 2 years ago, and am in constant pain which no doctor has been able to fix… i could go on and on, but the point is. Ever hear of the statement ignorance is bliss? Well maybe just maybe they were better off just living in ignorance. Thats my take!

  8. Went to see this movie when it first hit the theaters. I couldnt enjoy it then like i can now bc i was too busy fighting off the handsy guy that took me. It was the first and last time i let a guy take me to see a movie i was actually interested in seeing ….. until i got married anyway. Lol

  9. 鈥淏y the way, your daughter is gone forever now and stuck in a TV universe. And she willingly chose to stay. Goodnight mom!!!鈥 Things like that are why I should not rewatch childhood favorites 馃槀

  10. 1:01:03 disturbing is not Jeff Daniels looking at the art (which once again, is very old art, so not something 'new' in the fifties), but in McGuire's expression there.
    I'm so glad I saw Spiderman before I did this thing.


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