Playground Politics: Conspiracy Theories | The Russell Howard Hour

From Playground Politics, Russell asks the kids what they know about conspiracy theories…

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Comment (75)

  1. "….but now oi dont really loik it"😂😂
    That girl has such an amazing soul😍

    p.s. : After a re-watch i understand that he was a boy and there is no need of any further clarification.

  2. I wish he had asked them about Q in some roundabout way. Like when Bill Maher was in the UK and into Hyde Park (I think it was) and started spouting Scientology at people without mentioning Scientology. Surprise surprise, people looked at him like he was completely insane.

  3. My heart goes out to that poor young person who's lost their taste for pepperoni… That is indeed a shame and if the gov't is to blame then they should be punished!! 😉

    BTW, I ADORE these segments. It's so delightful to see how kiddos from around the world really are pretty similar. Also, I love how VERY seriously they take things. To us, these may be silly questions, but they take them at face value (at least most of the time) and that's sorta wonderful. .

    Russ Howard, you are a treasure!!! Please continue bringing all that you bring to television and PLEASE continue publishing to Youtube so that those of us in the USA can also enjoy your wonderful show directly instead of having to hunt for folks who do pirate uploads.

  4. That kid facepalming at hearing some people (morons) want to inject themselves with young kid's blood to stay young themselves was the perfect response.

    No words needed, just 🤦‍♀️ says it all


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