Plastic bottle deposit scheme could boost recycling: Sky Ocean Rescue

How can we solve Earth’s plastic pollution problem? One place ahead of the curve on this is Norway. The country has the world’s most effective Deposit Return Scheme for plastic drinks bottles, with 96% returned by consumers for recycling.

New evidence suggests a similar scheme in the UK would almost double the number of plastics that we re-use.

Our Health and Science Correspondent Thomas Moore reports.

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Comment (38)

  1. We need to banned plastic thin straws near beach area, esplanade area ,and in boats cruise ships we need to also large bottle small bottle and including plastic bag near beach area and esplanade area so we don't polluted our sea !

  2. Why "won't it work in the UK"? Let's get our act together and actually make something work that other countries are perfectly capable of doing for years.

  3. “Culture of returning bottles” A combination of mindset and accessibility for easy returns, Now lets get that everywhere. <3 In the meantime thanks for showing it’s possible. 🙂

  4. Watch seaspiracy, the biggest issue in our oceans are fishing vessels! Eat less fish or stop it altogether like I and my family have.

    Great video though, we need more green initiatives


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