Pituitary Tumor | Yanir’s Story

Yanir shares the story of his diagnosis with a rare thyroid-stimulating, hormone-secreting pituitary tumor that required immediate brain surgery to save his sight and life. Visit the Johns Hopkins Pituitary Tumor Center at http://ow.ly/I5my4

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  1. Hi I listened to your story and mine is similar March 2016 I got my eyes checked because it seemed like I was looking in a tunnel and when I closed one eye this black blanket came and I could read horizontal lines on both eyes. I too found from a MRI a tumor pressing on my optic nerve. They operated right away up through my nose and removed the tumor on my pituitary gland. My eye site returned and the healing began. But right after I had no functioning thyroid, cortisol, estrogen. And I also became depressed and anxiety. So now I've went to tKing no meds. In 2016 totaling 5 meds now I had lost 25 lbs. and was weak. But I'm now getting stronger! I'm a 53 old female but there for awhile I felt 83 years old. I just wanted to tell you my story too!

  2. Hi I liked your story. I too had a similar tumor that suppressed my pituitary gland and was pressing against my optic nerves. I had blurred peripheral vision on both eyes. I underwent surgery in 2012 to remove the tumor.

    But the worst part was yet to come. The doctor hadn’t told anything about hormone loss or gland malfunction. In 2014 I got married to the love of my life. Unfortunately I couldn’t have sex even though we tried repeatedly. This caused a lot of frustration and friction between us. I decided to consult a sexologist for treatment. After a few tests he suggested me to get hormone tests done. It was then I found out that my body had severe hormone imbalance. The prolactin levels were extremely high and suppressed the testosterone completely! I was then put on medication. Since then I have been recovering. Recently my prolactin levels returned to normal. Now I am positive that my testosterone will increase and I can finally have pleasurable sex with my wife! If you too are suffering this way, know that there is a complete cure for it!

  3. Hi I've just been told I have high prolactin levels I've been for an eye medical examination my doctor has had the report and there's nothing pressing on my optic nerve does anyone know what the next steps are now as I've not heard anything from my doctor since the eye examination and that was 3 weeks ago

  4. I was getting tested for breast cancer and now I am getting tested for a tumor. Being only a 17-year-old male my doctor did not want to say anything to me until she was sure, she said not to stress now and if something does show up I still should not stress. All my levels are normal except my prolactin. she said my prolactin was EXTREMELY low and was trying to find a reason if I was doing drugs or drinking. I dont do that which at my age is considered embarrassing. Anyways I am extremely tired constantly and have migraines. I like to fast and my longest fast was 13 days, I took my supplements so I would be good during the fast. I just hope that that the fast is what's causing my prolactin levels to be so low. keep in mind I did this fast almost 5 months ago and I got my blood test done a month ago.

  5. I too had a pituitary tumor. Unfortunately, due to the fact that we were poor, and seeking medical attention is a privilege when you're poor, my tumor went undiagnosed for 12 years. When I was 25 people were asking my family if I had Downs Syndrome due to the side effects the tumor had on my body. By the time I was 25, I had lost half of the vision in my left eye and a quarter of the vision in my right eye. I had no body hair, no sexual attraction to anyone, a severely compromised immune system, slept 16 hours a day, had an aversion to sunlight, an aversion to loud noise, and when I woke I would have constant pain running down the left side of my head. It all ended ok because for 35 years since then I have been blessed with a great life.. Best of luck.

  6. Hi, I was diagnosed with Pituitary Gland Tumor and it was big in size. It was operated in March 2019 in Apollo Hospital, New Delhi. Later, radio therapy was also done in Aug 2019. Thank God, every thing went well. But sometimes I feel some problem. Could you please help me.

  7. My mom got a 5cm pituitary tumor in 2017, she lost her eye's vision. Then, she had a laparoscopic surgery but the doctor just cut about 3cm. 2018, she was told to surgery by Gamma Knife. I belived that she will get that tumor away but in 2019, her eyes was shaked a little bit so she went to check MRI and the result was that tumor increases about 1cm ( totally 3.3cm) bigger than before 1.3cm. Now, my family is scarying and waiting because maybe she will have a third surgery. Im really worry

  8. In 2015 I was diagnosed with low testosterone and went on replacement therapy. In 2018 I went to the ER with heart palpitations but was just the result of dehydration. The doctor ordered an mri before releasing me from the hospital. They found a 3.98 cm tumor on my pituitary. I had two surgeries to remove the tumor. After my surgeries the doctors determined that my pituitary was no longer functioning. I went on DDAVP, hydrocortisone, thyroxine and testosterone. After several months I still felt lethargic with no desire to do anything. I asked my endocrinologist to check my HGH levels. He ordered a glucagon stimulation test. The test showed I no longer produced any HGH. After starting hgh injections I immediately started to feel better. After 3 months I’m finally feeling great. I’m losing weight and exercising again.

  9. Since 2014 i still have a pituitary tumour. I'm not sure what your size was, but mine was 6cm. I've had 2 operations on my tumour and 2 operations on my shunt. And finally Radiotherapy. Can no longer drive.
    I take
    Growth hormone needle
    Testosterone gel
    And Atorvastatin.

    Life goes on.

  10. I was told that my pituitary adenoma was the size of a ping pong ball. They discovered it after having to go in for an MRI because I was suffering from severe migraines. A week after they found it I went in for an operation to remove 90% of it. The operation took about 5hrs. They couldn't remove everything because the adenoma was too close to some artery. They remove what was left through radiation therapy, 30 minute sessions for 4 weeks. This happened 15 years ago, my health is ok. I've been taking hormones every since the operation.
    If you have been diagnosed with hypopiruitisim hang in there it's not the end of the world. Just prepare yourself for some hospital bills not covered by your medical aid. You'll also get through this. I'm 51 years old and still feeling strong, through the grace of God.

  11. My mother had Pituitary tumor she had Endonasal transsphenoidal pituitary macroadenoma surgery and it was removed 100% surgery went uneventful but after 15 days she started to complaint about pain in the left side for head and neck the pain was so chronic and started to speed up but there is nothing pain is not going surgery was on 9 November 2020 and still she is suffering from pain can you please guide me. Thank you.

  12. My dear lord, my tumour was 6cm. Thank god I'm still here sfter 4 operations and a shunt fitted. What i went through for 2 whole year before they fave me a MRI scan was uncalled for. I could oflost my life if my sister did not find me when my body had shut down.
    My medication I'm taking is as follows.
    Hydrocortisone 10mg
    Atorvastatin 20mg
    Desmopressin 0.1
    Levothyroxine 150 mg
    Growth Hormone needle
    If you feel your losing sight, unbelievable headaches, energy loss. Go see your doctor. But very important to have your eyes tested because they will know if something ain't right.
    Nearly 7 years on and my tumour is 3cm. I also had Radiotherapy. Basically hoping for Radiotherapy to shrink my tumour.

  13. Hi i am suffering from same disease that is TSH sectrating Pituitary tumour where doctor has said it is a very rare disease.. I have been operated but again tumour is growing

  14. I just had my surgery a month ago. I had the same issue with my left eye losing sight ,my peripheral vision was hugely decreased. MRI showed the tumour the size of my eye socket.
    A month later and my sight is improving,the headaches are gone . Hormones still a bit wonky but getting there.

  15. Hey I have one too, I'm 33, and tumor is 3 cm but it's pressing on my optic nerves, I lost 60% of my peripheral vision in left eye and 50% in the right eye, I'm seeing through prisms and unable to read numbers as they merge, I've been living in constant stress as all the docs and eye 'specialists' were telling me I'm making this up. Until I ended in the ER. I've had visual issues for 7 months now and only hoping to recover my eyesight but I understand it can be so late into the tumor the optic nerve might be damaged permanently. 🙁 I've started seeing a black ball when i rub my eyes it's always on the opposite of where I press, I wonder can I somehow see the thing lol.
    Other symptoms I have is complete lack of sexdrive, irritability, feeling forever tired, sleepy. Brittle nails, hairless arms, my head aches were mild to none until around a month ago, now its awful. A lot of tension in my eyes.. Like they are ready to pop.
    I'm scechuled a consultation with the neurosurgeon this week and a surgery hopefully next,
    ❤️Good luck everyone suffering, I hope you are on the way to full recovery ❤️


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