Phil’s Editing rig is GUARANTEED to trigger some people…

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  1. Nothing wrong with going all AMD. I'm currently building a new PC with a 5800X CPU and a 6900 XT GPU.
    It's my first build with a hard tube custom loop, since Jay makes it look so easy.

  2. Oh man! Watching these JTC vids in a crowded room is embarrassing. Trying not to audibly chuckle @9:30 Jay whipping his … erm, nuts … with a powercord plug… x)
    Very entertaining and informational at the same time. Thanks to Jay his whole team. Kudos.

  3. DONT U DARE RECOMMENDING CRYOFUEL! I'm trying to buy this stuff for my rig rebuild. it's out of stock anywhere where i live-.- no seriously tho. this stuff works great. using it for over 2 years now with alphacool rads/Cpu block, an EK gpu block and EK Duraclear Tubing. Never had any problems.

  4. I never really understand the hate on soft tubing – to me it always feels like a chance to present a contrasting, organic feel to an otherwise totally artificial aesthetic. It's also a standard part of its existence that a cable should whip you in the nuts.. it happened to me almost every time when coiling up cables to tidy away, like some kind of natural law.. lol.

  5. Random question guys, would 5800X at today's prices be a more value for money option vs 5900X for 4k editing/rendering + gaming? I was thinking to use CPU rendering instead due to the state of the GPU market, I tried using my GTX 1660 Super for rendering and the output feels more to be desired.

  6. Question though… You can definitely go for either more hard disks in the same case or go for one that can take in more hdd… Are the drives being swapped for endurance reasons? I have 4-5 drives in my nzxt case.. Though its an ageing 630..

  7. 3:18 Dummy complains about dust in his warehouse studio.
    Dummy weekly cleans dirty PC's in his warehouse like this.

    Dummy has no clue how dust works. Do that stuff outside, the dust will stay outside…

  8. Jay, I wax and wane between what channels I keep up with depending on a lot of factors. But I feel like your channel is the one that always brings me back to the tech space. Thank you for keeping me tech interesting and fun for me.

  9. I don’t think you could pay me to use an AMD card at this point. Higher priced per performance, driver issues, and their content creation tools suck compared to Nvenc

  10. Can you do a video comparing a 6600kand 12600k both with a 1070 with a price to performance increase breakdown versus 6600k/6700k and a 1070 vs 3070 to see if the money is better spent getting a new gpu vs cpu all still ddr4 to keep cost down.

  11. I'm getting an AMD processor as well. The current cost for my build is like 2.1, 2.2k? All because of the stupid graphics card that's costing me $980 USD


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