Phantom from Space (1953) Horror, Sci-Fi Cult Classic

It came from a billion miles of space to meet the strangest destiny ever told!
When an asteroid crashes, an alien being with the power of invisibility lands in Santa Monica. The government authorities search begins to track down the mysterious creatures.

Director: W. Lee Wilder
Writers: William Raynor, Myles Wilder
Stars: Ted Cooper, Rudolph Anders, Noreen Nash
Genres: Cult Classic, Horror, Sci-Fi

Crash into planet C³ :

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  1. 1953 was a wonderful year for me ,..I came to this Country in 1951 with my Mother, I seen this picture with my cousins who took me around the East Side of Manhattan to show me everything. 1953 was a beautiful time while growing up , great up bringing .I was 9-10-11 new Country new life I loved it,..I made my life here at 78 years old….now I hate this life, well….maybe not ….hate…but dislike it.

  2. I've seen this brilliant film several times. The aliens always seem to land in California. Possibly because Hollywood is there??!! AND NOT A SIGN OF TOUCH SCREEN COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY!! HaHa!!

  3. Looks like I'm in disagreement with a whole lot of people on comments I'm about halfway womb and it really doesn't seem like a Sci-Fi yet it's more like a detective movie . I'm waiting for Dick Tracy to show up hopefully it gets a little more involved in the actual sci-fi part of it later

  4. I'm sorry I'm about three-quarters of the way through of this movie and that's as far as I'm going to make it apparently a lot of people liked it but it's just one continuous detective thing looking for this they have no non-stop to me it doesn't qualify as Syfy so far it show the Phantom I think five times in the Sioux running around. So far the rest of the time he's invisible and you're still running around it's just the same thing and when that woman says I'm trapped in here with somebody I can't see I mean seriously could you be any less specific oh sorry I don't like it not as a sci-fi movie

  5. I just one last comment when the lady says I'm stuck in here with somebody that's invisible I can't see them is it like it's a multiple choice how many people can it be standing in front of them that's invisible what it has to be the Phantom why not the bantams in here trying to get his helmet to breathe he's invisible I can't see him again it's not like it's a multiple choice

  6. Having an invisible creature in a space suit saves money on the special effects budget no makeup or goofy costume.most movies call out the military when an alien comes these people want to make friends.different approach.

  7. スマホで懐かしい4号機パチスロ実機を完全等価交換で遊ぶことができます、現在代理店も大募集中。


  8. The narrator sounds like the guy that reads rex stout books. Also sounds like the guy that was on audiobook introductions saying This Is Audible…. I dunno, maybe this chromebook makes everyone sound alike. haha

  9. I love this movie, and I've got to say it really does sound funny when they say someone didn't have a head. I would believe it, if someone told me that but, I wouldn't be able to stop from giggleing, cuz it sounds so funny!! I love this! It's great!

  10. Was that Clark Kent AKA Superman that we keep seeing a side view of? I noticed they never let you see him full face head on, why is that?
    Is it because that was about the time that Superman was being seen on T.V.?

  11. Sometimes the stupidity of these women is just too much, and I am referring to the foot print that she threw stuff on over it to cover it up, or whatever. That was evidence and she should know better, because she's NO kid!

  12. Adventures in the planetarium. 😀
    Lots of talking and running around.
    Wish they had decoded the message that the alien was trying to communicate.
    Theremin was over used to a point that it was distracting with too whacky space sound.
    It was the Invisible man with a twist.
    Only Barbara Randall (Noreen Nash) is still alive age 97.

  13. I have always liked films in black and white, especially sf. This is a film I never get tired of watching it. One of the aspects of this film is the use of shadows, such as in the brickyard and the scenes where ladders and their shadows.

  14. Communists from outer space?! Americans are always threatened by some bogeyman, according to the government's propaganda. Now it's the OMFGVIRUS! Oh no!
    Thank goodness the media is there to maintain a televised "around the clock vigil" to keep everyone accepting vaccinations, masks, lockdowns and "social distancing". The Russians! The Chinese! Where are my pills?!

  15. Loving all these I'm waiting to go to hospital for kidney removal so I'm binge watching 1950s and 60s space movies Some are real bad but that's great the crappier the better My top 3 Night caller 27th Day. War of the worlds 1953 version also some old horror and Night of the Demon is my fave right now watched it 50 plus times All time fave HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES with Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce I'm into treble figures with this one well I 1st watched when I was about 9 or 10 I am 53 now. Sorry 1 more I'm a fan of Hammer films and Peter Cushing with Christopher Lee in DOCTOR TERRORS HOUSE OF HORRORS IS FEKIN AWESOME please watch if you haven't already lol. 🎥🎬📽️👹👽🦇

  16. This has all the madcap of a Ritz Brothers, or Abbot and Costello movie. I was expecting to see at any moment, the alien materialize as a giant gorilla. "Spooks Run Wild!" This film has been thoroughly and unmistakably Cormanized.

  17. Bang-up intro with lightening and clouds plus Theremin.
    Just like us, they don't make oldies like these anymore.
    DANG! I missed this one in '53 but now thanks to CCC
    can do catchup! (Also to Y-T, the go-to entertainers for
    these Ending Days.)

  18. Бедная собачка Венера! Оставили на привязи и забыли про неё! Удивительно, все побежали, оставили наблюдение!! За собакой не бегут после ошибки!

  19. Marvellous adventure,that script seems so finer than all pretending being nicer and better tv shows from nowadays political junks for any fanatics around complete universe,all appearing like the most cosmologic galacteans with still influence and some audience grabbings fitting their own visibility rates in a constellar corner of infinite space…
    I lied,that script smells like monday spirit in the living room of our moms,just some wannabees new newspapers in middle year around our girlfriends to get assumed globally,then who does totally take care of these arrivist guys?Swingers or Libertines?
    Won't they be annoyed of themselves with time,nobody' s fault than their own while they thought being more mysterious and interacademic stuff in parallel world.Honestly,they should get down of their futuristic pedestals,we get easily get rid of pyramidal hierarchy in foreign imaginery kingdoms down there in front of tv one half an hour shows.
    Finally,i love their own women just like an other dick"tentacles"head with great distance

  20. Okay, so I see the T.V. Superman from the 1950's was Barbara's husband, but I didn't see his familiar name in the credits, so what was his name? Was he using his real
    name in this movie, and then changed his name when he played Superman?


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