Pets Lost in Oklahoma Tornado Await Owners

Hundreds of dogs, cats, and other pets that survived the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma are being centralized in one shelter. Animal lovers are traveling there to volunteer to help. WSJ’s Jason Bellini reports.
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  1. Everytime you open your mouth stupid shit comes out. Really bad jokes are your specialty. Bad jokes usually comes from people who are naturally stupid. I'm not trying to say this to be mean. I just feel sorry for you that you don't realize how stupid and bad your jokes are.

  2. There were cats as well but they were hard to get to with a camera so thats why the focus was on the dogs. Plus the cats were so scared that a camera would have only made it worse. Just wanted to share this information.

  3. Omg. Please don't feed them pedigree dog food it made our dogs sick. Please look up on line trouble with pedigree dog food. There's complaints our dogs was throwing up & bleed in poop And the stories on line say so has died. Look it up. Our babies was treated and we were very blessed their on their way to removing now.

  4. When a tornado hits my home, I know that both my dogs will be safe, even if we lost them. I know that 2 of my dogs are amazingly capable of sticking together (like literally). But, I'm not sure about my 5 birds tho XD


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