Penguin chick is reluctant to ‘fly the nest’ 😂 | Snow Chick: A Penguin’s Tale – BBC

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Watch the BBC first on iPlayer 👉 Snow chick is embarrassingly big for his father’s pouch but he’s reluctant to join the other chicks in the huddle. After a few mishaps he’s made to feel welcome.

Narrated by Kate Winslet, Snow Chick – A Penguin’s Tale tells the story of an emperor penguin chick’s first precarious months of life as it grows up in the world’s most extreme nursery.

Emperor penguins are the only animals to breed in the Antarctic winter, and after months of blizzards and temperatures of -60C, male emperor penguins are watching and waiting for their chicks to hatch. Snow Chick is the last to emerge into this harsh, frozen world.

Snow Chick – A Penguins Tale | BBC One

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  2. Baby penguin:I don’t want to go can I just be in your pouch
    Dad:Ok you want to act like an egg then I’ll walk you like an egg
    Just starts walking on his poor little head
    Dad:See son isn’t this fun son or embarrassing,come on now get out you don’t fit your too big for this

  3. Some percent of revenue made by such channels(BBC), showcasing the wildlife videos, for which many of us are in AWE or AWWW(cute) could be circulated back to be used for saving the species itself via conservation efforts.. so that we act as responsible humans … Not just as entertained humans.


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