Peacemaker Episode 1 – 3 TOP 10 Batman and Justice League Breakdown and Easter Eggs

Peacemaker Episode 1 – Episode 3. DCEU Ben Affleck Batman, Superman Justice League Scene Explained. Post Credit Scenes, TOP 10 & Green Lantern Scene ►
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Covering Full Peacemaker Episode 1, Episode 2 and Episode 3 Breakdown and Easter Eggs. Justice League DCEU Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Peacemaker Bat Mite Explained. Green Lantern Easte Eggs and Connections. John Cena returning from The Suicide Squad Movie. Peacemaker is a sequel series set after the Suicide Squad Post Credit Scene. Release Date January 2022, there will be 8 Episodes of Peacemaker and multiple seasons are planned. With John Cena’s Peacemaker performing more secret missions for Amanda Waller and her team. Peacemaker Green Lantern Theory Project Butterfly, and Post Credit Scenes Explained.

Suicide Squad Movie 2021 Ending Peacemaker Timeline and Suicide Squad Post Credit Scenes. There are two post credit scenes. The New Suicide Squad vs Starro. And John Cena Peacemaker vs Rick Flagg, Peacemaker vs Bloodsport. DC Movies Easter Eggs, Justice League Snyder Cut Timeline and Connections.

The Second Post Credit Scene helps set up the John Cena Peacemaker HBO Series, which I will be doing Full Episode videos for Jan 2022 after the official release date. The Peacemaker Trailer will probably be released soon after the suicide squad movie. And it’s the first DC HBO Series. Green Lantern HBO and The Batman HBO Series will be next. The Batman HBO Episodes will be a spinoff of the Robert Pattinson Batman Movies. And we’ll learn more about that soon.

There will be more Marvel Trailers for upcoming movies and disney plus series soon too. Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness Trailer, Moon Knight Trailer, She Hulk Trailer, Morbius Trailer and more details on Spider-Man 4 and Tom Holland’s new Trilogy of Movies!

More Doctor Strange Multiverse Of Madness Trailer videos coming! And More Spider-Man No Way Home videos! My Full Star Wars The Mandalorian Book Of Boba Fett Episode 4 video will post next Wednesday too. And My Full Peacemaker Episode 4 video will also post next Thurs!

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Comment (394)

  1. I am blown away! I was expecting this show to be funny in a ridiculous don't expect much kind of way. BUT… this seems like a legit Damn Good funny but dramatic vibe. And as a really unexpected bonus we've got interesting intriguing characters! As I'm sure James Gunn heard when he pitched the series, I've gotta say "WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW…WOW!"

  2. Northern Russia is the Arctic. Only 2 million people live there. It's experiencing a record heatwave and we're worried pathogens beneath the soil from frozen corpses will lead to a pandemic that we have absolutely no way of preparing for. Sweet dreams!

  3. My biggest wtf moment was the bat-mite reference! It just blew my mind, how would he even look in live action lol. Really hope we get to see maybe something more from him.

  4. I’ll tell you I was not expecting vigilante to just tap aside peacemaker and easily shoot and kill kids while humming a lil song 🤣 fucking “maniac”

  5. I finished up season 6 of The Expanse, which I loved and remembered Peacemaker was out (eps 1-3), and holy shit as soon as the intro played I knew I was in for something special, this show is freaking awesome!

  6. Love the show so far, favorite is Vigilante, he reminds me of Kick-Ass just way more hardcore.
    Usualy hes a geek but once hes in costume, everything goes, killing a senator and his family is no problem.

  7. Band-Maid!

    This series started off strong and I had a good laugh throughout every episode. I'm so used to Cena's WWE career and was never that much into his acting career, but now I believe he can play an awesome lead role.

    This series also has a good rock soundtrack and I'm glad James Gunn added Band-Maid into the show's soundtrack (their song "Choose Me" was playing when Judo Master was driving the car.) Band-Maid is an awesome hard rock band and you guys should check them out.

  8. James Gunn is a superhero!!! Only guy to be successful in MCU and DC!!! Shit is funny. I think DC is more lenient on sex and violence. I really feel it’s his perfect working freedom. Keep kicking ass James!!! I want to work with you!!!

  9. I was totally captivated from the start! I loved the hugging scene!!! This is absolutely how you make a TV series!!! I binged out on all the episodes. I am hooked for sure. James Gunn is a master of his art. Look how he revitalized the dceu with just one movie!!!

  10. DC tryna catch up wit da MCU don't know if it'll ever happen but their TV shows usually goin in thx fo da breakdowns pimpin no cap lol stay safe RIP Bob Saget Betty White Sidney Poitier BLM God bless stop all dis hate checkout The Main Squeeze 🙏

  11. You literally can't say anything bad about this show effectively. It is designed to be stupid and offensive in all the right ways. And what's worse is the show self aware of that fact. This is kind of stuff that people who watch Family Guy Rick and Morty and so on would love. I did. And as of right now I like it better than the book of boba Fett. That personally kills me as I'm a big Star Wars fan, but that because third episode of The book of boba really dragged it down. Maybe it's a series progressed for both of my opinion will change but that's how it is right now.

  12. "I will continue to do reviews of the show if the videos do well" Wow, it's almost as if you're something that's metastasised to a culture because it's popular and you make money from it.
    Whereas others do vids because the love the shows, genre and culture.

  13. Please do a breakdown of the whole season. I am loving the who so far. James Gunn is a great creator. John Cena does such a great job at brining this character to life. I can not wait to see what happens next.

  14. Did you just say “depending how everyone feels about the series”? How one sided could you be in regards to DC and Marvel? This show is high in production and amazingly written yet you have the nerve to say some shit like that? Shouldn’t be like that. We watch your videos because you breakdown things better than a lot of other people yet your one sided comment is stupid and uncalled for.


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