Paycheck #3 #NoDegreeNeeded

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  1. Don't let these negative people put you down man, not many have years in the business and not in accomplished as much as you have, hell man it took me 18 years before I stepped out and got my own shit, and I can say you have me beat by along shot by stepping out and doing what you are doing , take man and besafe

  2. "Peace and Blessings KING much Love and Respect my Brother keep doing what your doing Chasing Andrew Jackson Get that Paper Big Hommie & F**k the nay sayers & Trolls"!!""Safe Travels and Keep on Trucking""!!✊✊✊✊

  3. Did a lot of work in Odessa tx midland TX Hobbs nm college station TX we were all over u but once they changed the pay I was out making the same thing u are an I'm home every night


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