Paxlovid side effects, treatment timelines and more with John Farley, MD, MPH | COVID-19 Update

AMA CXO Todd Unger discusses what physicians and patients need to know about Paxlovid with John Farley, MD, MPH, director of the Office of Infectious Diseases in the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research’s Office of New Drugs at the FDA.

For more information on Paxlovid from the FDA, visit:

0:00 AMA COVID-19 Update for May 23, 2022
0:54 What are some of the treatment benefits from Paxlovid?
1:51 Who should be treated with Paxlovid, and when?
2:36 What drug interactions and contraindications should physicians be aware of?
3:36 FDA, NIH have developed tools for health care providers focused on Paxlovid
4:40 What are the side effects of Paxlovid physicians should know about?
6:03 What about rebound infections after Paxlovid treatment?
7:29 Do rebound infections impact Paxlovid dosage or a second round of treatment?
8:18 What is needed prior to prescribing Paxlovid for COVID treatment?
9:14 Is a renal function test necessary prior to prescribing?
10:50 Is Paxlovid more widely available now?
11:34 Paxlovid is currently authorized by the FDA through an EUA
12:10 Paxlovid and other COVID therapeutic treatments will help reduce hospitalizations for COVID-19
12:46 Physicians should visit FDA’s EUA webpage for more detailed information about Paxlovid

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