Passaging Cells: Cell Culture Basics

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  1. 1:35 Why is she allowing the cap to be placed on their BSC surface, isn't it best to not give any chances of contamination by holding the cap with her finger on the same hand she holds the t-25?

  2. I just applied for a position doing this and I hope I get it! Thank you so much for the detailed and concise instructions! One question: is the same pipette being used or are they different for each solution used?

  3. Im a biologist myself, and i get super nervous every time she puts down the cap of the flask with the filter side facing up. Never! Do! That! You cant ensure the surface you put it on is 100% sterile, even under the workbench, but the air above it is, so put the cap with the filter side facing down and make sure you dont reach over it. Otherwise you contaminate your culture and your experiment is fucked


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