Parrot steals GoPro and films airborne escape

A kleptomaniac parrot briefly stole a GoPro camera and took it on a sweeping tour of a remote region of New Zealand.
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The kea took off with the device after it was placed outside by the Verheul family, who were hiking in Fiordland. The bird pecked off parts of the camera after it landed, before the device was recovered by the Verheuls

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Comment (156)

  1. That wasn’t stolen. The bird is trained, hence the green bands around its legs, which show that it belongs to someone and is not a wild bird. Nice try with the title though.

  2. We have a parakeet ouside our flat, living in amongst the rooks. He's a lovely fellow and is a noisy blighter. He follows me to work, he's only done that since I've been to work, which I find hilarious.


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