Parents Gave Me A 1 Star Rating On This Website

This website reviews youtubers and I got 1 star


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  1. I gotta be honest, sometimes the swearing and sexual jokes are too much for me (mostly due to ptsd) so I have to click away from the video. But there are so many different videos that don't make me react this way and I really enjoy Sean's humour and content. I'm kinda annoyed at parents acting with the "holier than thou" mindset, I'm sure most of them swear in their life. If you don't want your kid to learn bad words…well you can't escape it lol. Sheltering them does no good in the long run. As Sean said, you should rather explain to them what they mean and why it's inappropriate to use in most situations. And don't blame content creators, who never made content specifically for kids only, for your lack of parenting. I'm glad there were mostly positive reviews though, that website looks rigged if it calculated 1* out of that.

  2. CommonSenseMedia are pretty scummy overall. The fact that the official rating of a living human being can be decided by one lazy dude pretending to be a critic isn't surprising

  3. 5☆ From me. People are just hypersensitive when it comes to their kids, but knowing the 13 year Olds around me they all know the same stuff you talk about, they already know.

  4. Parent: says violent video games cause problems

    Me who is perfectly fine: shut your dumb dumb bubble gum manager simping, road rolling (JoJo reference 😂) Walmart loving ass up

  5. Been watching since i was 15 now im 25 years old this whole decade of watching and i havnt seen anything as bad as those reviews are saying.

    Keep your chin up sean your a saint dont listen to the haters✌

  6. man, i'll be honest, i feel like wanting to cancel that site because it just doesn't seem right, or legitimate(maybe that first bit is just the fired up part of me talking because of all the bullcrap that was said about Sean, however I really believe that site is NOT legit)

  7. am nearly 20 and have been watching since I was approx 13 when my brother also started watching and showed me the happy wheels videos and they've been cheering me up since then and both my bf and I enjoy watching them together


    Seriously thank you Jack.
    ALOT of your fans are homophobic/transphobic and I have received many a slur from your community. Though its not many people, your community is really nice. I love showing all the homophobes and everything clips of you saying you support. <3

  9. Yeah, it's not great if your kid swears in public but everyone has done it. That's not indicating you're a bad parent or that you have a bad kid. If you're not clear about different boundaries and what's acceptable in your household, that's because you put your child in front of an iPad instead of teaching them manners. It's not a YouTuber or content creator's fault. If you as a parent are so concerned about what your kid is exposed to, you would spend time with them, watch what they're watching with them and have conversations if something upsetting happened in the content they watch. Parents are really lazy nowadays and they want to blame someone for their inaction. What kids watch isn't to blame for their bad behavior. It's parents ignoring them.

  10. That site looks like one my parents used to use it's probably a quick guide for deeply religious parents, so they can block certain sites, movies, and content without having to use their brain.

  11. Jack: is one of the most positive youtubers out there

    Angry parents: bUt CuRsInG

    All jokes aside Jack is really one of the most genuine Youtubers I have ever seen. He has done so much to support his community and helping all of us recognizing what we need, who we are, etc. He's relatable and funny and always makes sure that he's putting whatever he can into his content. If he doesn't he takes a well deserved break and the fact that all of us are still here even when he goes away is a testament to what a great person and entertainer he is.

  12. I love it when Sean is vulgar because that’s who he is and his jokes make me laugh so hard I cry sometimes I wish YouTube Berger had demonetization they just put that to make money

  13. Just keep on been you,thats why you have nearly 30 million subs and millions of views,your funny,entertaining and give good vibes to keep us all smiling,never change 👍😁🤟

  14. I've used commonsense to check on the sexual content in a movie, because nudity and sex makes me highly uncomfortable. I never really take their star rating into account. I had no idea they reviewed Youtube channels, obviously without watching said Youtube channel.

  15. I have a game suggestion, you'll probably see this but could try and play genshin impact, even if its one video. I recently started playing and really liked but I would love to see you play the game even if it's once.
    Anyways, love you and your videos Jack.

  16. I’ve been watching since I was 12 and I’m 20 now, I’ve seen jack grow and change over the last 8 years and he’s helped me grow from a teenager to an adult. The amount of joy I get from his videos throughout this whole time period and the number of lessons I’ve learned have helped me so much. I was one of the ones with PMA as my phone background for years to remind me to be positive about what’s happening around me. Jack, you’re awesome, I’m hoping to have kids soon and they’ll watch you just as much

  17. I don't have children, and I don't want any, but I really don't understand why parents are so hung up on swearing. But also some parents don't even see their children as humans with thoughts and feelings of their own, but still. There are a LOT worse things someone's kid has called me. Teach kids that bad words have a place and time (and that some words just shouldn't be said at all). Parenting can be hard, but communication and allowing your kid to communicate as well really make things easier.

  18. I just knew this site would be bs xD they legit just nitpick random people. Maxmoefoe, jontron, mrbeast, filthyfrank, oneyng, idubbbz are not even on the site but jack and pewds have 1* accordning to the site experts (parent average was 4* for pewds and 5 for jack). Apparently pewds "sometimes play drinking or sex games" (WHEN!!?!) and is constantly disrespect to woman and religion, this was from 2021 btw.

  19. Some of that is just crazy. Yes Sean swears but so many others do. I came across this channel a year ago and it frickin sucks I didn't discover him way sooner. I watch Sean's videos all the time I relate alot to things he talks about, he is very upbeat which keeps me engaged even when I forget to take my ADHD meds and that takes true frickin talent. He's a wonderful person. Of course some of this content isn't based for children. It's clearly not a child only platform it's a mix. But once you are comfortable with letting your kids see the real world he is one of the best channels to watch. I'm so thankful for Sean and this amazing platform it's lifted my moods so much on my bad days so I'll forever be grateful.

  20. these websites were made by a bunch of real life late season ned Flanders' that only let their 16yo children watch disney channel because the say the word suck on nickelodeon sometimes, and they had an openly gay character once! 1 star from them is a compliment,

  21. I'm going to be honest. I only started watching you within the last few years and helped me through quarantine last year. When I was in middle school it did wierd me seeing 10 and younger watching you, even though I watched skydoesminecraft when I was 7 years old. I was very conservative in cursing and have lossened up since middle school. You have made such a positive impact and community that I don't think I could even stop watching your content now.

  22. As someone who grew up on south park and Beavis and Butt-Head, I turned out fan-fucking-tastic!
    For real, it's better to let your kid experience it in a safe way. "It" being most everything, that way the parent can be semi-present atleast and answer questions or explain things.

  23. This whole community is so kind. May not be the most wholesome family friendly place. It's more like a bar where after a long day everyone comes together to shoot the shit and drink and just relax.

  24. am i the only one that remembers jack playing games like happy wheels when I was like 7 or so? like the fucking games he's playing these days barely contain as much fucking gore as that one. And what do you mean cursing? I've been watching him for over 8 fucking years and I rarely fuckig curse fucking!

  25. I'm a parent and I LOVE Jack. My kids watch him as well but tell them don't copy his words cuz they are bad words. I always monitor what my kids watch. Anyway thanks Jack for your videos, they make me laugh and melt away some stress that comes with being a parent. ❤

  26. Parents… What are those? Never heard of em (Skratta) I was raised by Bros 👊
    Some parents don't even know how to parent & expect folks around them to censor themselves when 'their' kid is present (sadge). This is why Coppa was summoned 🤦‍♂️ Anyways, Jack is a great Lad, & the nice reviews prove it (Despite rating). With Robins edits, makes the video much more humourous/fun. Gute video & interesting points. Hope your doing well, Keep being Awesome & Safe Bro 🍀 😎 👊

    0:38 xD 4:44 👀 xD 5:05 Yeah, be better parents xP 6:35 We still PMA in Spirit 🍀 9:28 Cigarette 13:37 x) 15:02 D:< 18:48 x)


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