Packers vs. Vikings Week 11 Highlights | NFL 2021

The Green Bay Packers take on the Minnesota Vikings during Week 11 of the 2021 NFL season.

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Comment (2,171)

  1. We don't need to get to playoffs and we can already see the same old Packers, special team screwed up at some point, defense played like bottom tier, thus wasting Rodgers good performance and losing the game. Also, the Front Office should be blamed (again) for trading up to draft a project qb instead of Justin Jefferson.

  2. Jefferson is amazing. Reminiscent of Moss. Watch The Vikings win during their next bout with the Packers. The Vikings did not let up this game, they simply beat a very good team.

  3. I was so pissed with the interception. I turned off the tv..My brother calls me screaming what a catch..Theilens..I did see the field goal..I have high blood pressure and my head was hurting already. This team is very good sometimes very bad infuriating with sprinkles of joy. Been a fan for 45 plus years. This team has the talent but they can be their own worst enemy at times. Im still pissed at Harrison for that last Packer touchdown. But he is a great player. Lol…SKOL

  4. With the way Green Bay’s defense played tonight, they deserved this loss. A little wake up call. That failed interception summarizes the entire game for the Packer defense.

  5. Coach need to let Cousin do his thing and stop limiting him. I know cousin can do many good things if the coaches let him. That boy is bred to throw, stop letting him thro 5-10 yards. He can go more and do more.

  6. Darnell Savage just turned into Kevin King this game, dropped int, couldn't track the ball and allow that td pass to Jefferson in the late 4th quarter. And Joe Barry should took the blame too as he left Jefferson 1-on-1 too much and made no adjustment which allowed Vikings to have some plays that worked against his defense every time.

  7. OK, serious question about why some Packers fans are complaining about the refs? Didn't the former referee and rules analysis call it a clear roughing the passer and a clear no catch on both interceptions? This is a genuine post if someone could help me understand the whole situation.

  8. The year lsu won the natty was the year I thought jjettas and Ja’marr were gonna be special at the next level. Goddamn I didn’t expect it to be so evident so quickly though. There’s some freaky talent in the nfl right now and the next 10 years are gonna be really fun


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