Outlaws And Angels

Even though they just made off with a big score, Henry and his gang have never been more down on their luck. With record bounties on their heads, they are forced to escape through barren and harsh terrain, even if it costs them their lives. As their options dwindle, they stumble upon the lone, unassuming farmhouse of the Tildon family. Without the means to defend themselves, George, his wife Ada, and their two daughters must survive the night with the outlaws and keep their captors at bay; the delicate dance is further complicated when Henry falls for the youngest daughter, Florence, a spitfire who is struggling with frontier life. Secrets are revealed, allegiances are tested, and the line between good and evil begins to blur. As the story builds towards its inevitably brutal climax and twist ending, it becomes obvious Florence is the family’s only hope for a happy ending… if there ever was one.

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  1. First impression, I think I'm gonna like this movie. Mayhem and rated R sounds good.

    Well, she beats her father to death. Maybe she needed to convince the bad guys she could be trusted but that's taking it to far IMO. Later shoots them all. I don't see much of an angel in this story.

  2. Well okay then…
    That was the craziest western I've ever seen. I think i'd have rather seen the girl ride off in the sunset with the bank robbers or should I say bank robber.
    I wouldnt have minded if she iced the fat dude and the long hair but damn!!
    And with her keeping all the cash it was obviously about the money.

  3. I wonder about Youtube sometimes. They demonetize videos or even take them down for showing the dead in the Ukraine war, even from afar with the faces blurred. Then they allow movies like this. I'm not saying they are right or wrong about showing the dead in Ukraine, or for showing this ………i'm just saying they are incredibly inconsistent . On a side note, the acting in this is quite good. I was captivated by the movie.

  4. I had no clue what to expect. Haven't seen any angels yet. Outlaws aplenty though.
    The only angels in this are fallen.
    Dark movie, no good guys here. Lots of victims. Wait for the after credits music number.

  5. I have seen many western movies but never one like this before. Started out with a bang and ended with a bang. Very twisted movie for a western. Definitely not a movie for church mice if Bambi is more to your liking.

  6. I'm struggling here ..53 mins in..looks like it was filmed on a phone on the 35 mm setting..guess they spent the other money on a chicken wrangler. One of the posse just turns up missing..wonder where he went. Oh, and evidently rub downs were part of the 'frontier way".. We'll see..
    Evidently, that bottle rocket money must have run out for poor Luke….

  7. Mormon movies…. Pretty good But the purpose of a movie is to lose awareness that it's a movie… This is a movie about ugly. Ugly souls Ugly lives and everyone hates each other..some are drawn to darkness … Forget the 1800s western america I will take my time machine somewhere else

  8. Why is it when Hollywood folks make a "Western" and want it to be " authentic" they have everybody with dirty faces and clothes and obviously personally dirty. Plus doing crazy things like having their poultey run around their house. Most men leading active working lives kept their hair short, especially in warmer climates, just as today.

    I spent my early childhood on my grandmother's small ranch near what used to be the borders of South Los Angeles. My mother grew up there. It was originally the local farrier's place and my mother kept a horse in the small pasture until the 1940's. When I was little in the early 1960's there was still axwell defined pit out back where the outhouse had stood only afew years before. They raised chickens, mostly for eggs, and some truck farm produce like most of the largely Japanese American neighborhood. By the time I [email protected] enough to remember the chickens were gone and the well in back no longer supplied the water. They had running water and indoor plumbing. The stove was converted from wood and coal to piped natural gas, in abundance due to the wells throughout the area (still there). The hand pump was still by the kitchen sink but we had city water. There was a 1950's washing machine but the old hand cranked machine and washboard were still there. To dry clothes we used a clothesline in the yard, as we would for many years when my parents moved us to a modern suburb about three miles away. Daily household life didn't vary from before indoor conveniences. You washed and bathed daily in the mornings, my Mom's stepdad and my father first for they had to get to work. Then the women. My mom worked in the early years. Then the children. The men often bathed again when they got home. My grandpa, Mom's stepdad, worked in construction which could be very dirty.and my dad was a teacher who worked a second job in the local post office hauling mail sacks which could also be dirty. All clothing was washed regularly and the house was rigorously cleaned. No showers but you used a claw bathtub. I don't ever remember being dirty. Nothing I've ever heard from people who grew up in that era and the pictures I've seen would indicate filth. At least in rural areas. Seemingly in was more common in the Eastern European slums of the late 1800's in places like New York where Hollywood Jews seem to come from. Even my very poor relatives in Ireland who lived in hovels without running water managed to be scrupulously clean and not smelly. They didn't get modern conveniences until the 1980's, when they proudly announced their acquisition to their American cousins.

    The real West might not have been like Bonanza and Roy Rogers but it was closer to it than the Seth McPharland type of dismissiveness that Hollywood seems to believe. I know because I've been in a lot of the still surving parts. I've also been in poor parts of Europe and the Third World. Hollywood is full of arrogant jerks. They tend to show that in their films. Women behave like the whores of today and children resemble the dysfunctional Hollywood brats I first encountered at UCLA in Hollywood films. This is not like most people's lives. If that's how you grew up I pity you, but you're not normal.

    Please, will somebody make a decent Weatern that sticks to reality and history someday. Please. There've been a few that came close but not for decades. None of them involving Clint Eastwood or anybody in his large family. Sorry.

  9. WOW 😳 now that's an amazing beginning to a film. Totally unexpected. I'm sure the entire movie is a thrill ride after that macabre debauchery of a conversation. It's definitely worth a watch…So here I go.

  10. Hats off to all involved! They may never read these comments, but truly, this film (on stock) checked off all the western genre boxes. Gritty, comic, touching, and violent redemption. I want to single out certain departments but I can't choose which one.

  11. Early Greek Tragedies, Aeschylus the Dramatist, Mahabaratta, Early Vedic plays also even had flesh eating, Clytemnaestra fed Agaememnon his own children before she murdered him in his bath with her lover….Maya, Aztec gods godesses eat their own children and vice versa….also Tibetan Book of the Dead…Early Greek Plays have incest and murder….easy to find these plots….

  12. The Magnificent 7 came from Aeschylus, Great Ancient Greek Dramatist….much more heroic and political but he also had the darker side as also did Sophocles……which is portrayed here…betrayal, incest, murder….

  13. Honest thoughts.. I thought it was going to be a lame movie. Serious plot twist and how do I get Soldiers like Joe. The Dinner table scene was impressive. Guy was like ain't never done this before, Yes Sir.

  14. I'll watch anything with Chad Michael Murray but this isn't one of his best. Lucas Scott needs better roles. The plot was good so was the twist but sad attempt at humor.

  15. Personally I had to skip a lot of the scenes. Some moments were way too perverted and dark. But its such high quality and a great story. Very unexpected and strange.


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